Best Diet Plan To Lose Weight Up To 8 Kilos In A Month

Best Diet Plan

Best Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Maybe you have proposed the goal of losing those pounds more than once for all, you are in the right place because we tell you with this article how to get rid of them in just one month. But, best of all, with this effective diet, you will do it in a totally healthy way and without giving up bread and rice if they are among your favourite foods.

In addition, we give you the weekly menu so you know exactly what to eat and at what time so you do not have any difficulty carrying it out and you can have up to 8 kilos less in your weight. Losing weight with this diet is very easy. It is a balanced diet, so you will not risk your health. However, you will have to control the quantities and the presence of foods that have little nutritional value and that contribute a lot of calories.

What is the diet to lose weight in a month?

This diet to lose 8 kilos in a month, first, ensures a balanced and very healthy diet. It is based on the control of calories and your goal is to lose up to 8 kg in a month without suffering your reservations and you are suffering from hunger.

When to make this diet to lose up to 8 kilos?

If you have noticed that some kilos are over your body and year after year are adding more and want to reach a new year or summer with a new look or simply because you want to feel better about yourself and you have injected a beautiful attitude. This diet is ideal for you. Now you are more determined to eat well every day of the week. And after a few (and you’ll see) you’ll be seeing how to lose 8 kilos in a month easily but above all healthy.

The advantages of a month’s diet:

The advantages are many with this diet to lose 8 kilos in a month, look below:

  • It contains all the food groups: proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. And it is also rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. In this way, he takes care of compensation.
  • You will eat everything, including bread, rice or pasta.
  • It is not boring because it covers a wide range of foods.
  • You will lose weight slowly but at a good pace and you will learn to eat healthy thus creating a new series of eating habits.

It is not a “miracle” diet

  • Like any diet, something very important is an attitude of perseverance and patience until you reach your goals.
  • You will not be able to leave the indicated foods but will vary the order of the days. Keep it in mind to organize your meals away from home. That is, if you go out to eat out or you are invited to eat outside the home.
  • Once you have reached the desired goal, keep watching your diet to stabilize your weight. So avoid the rebound effect.
  • Do not forget that if you do not definitively change your food habits, you will gain weight again at the same speed that you have lost them. So this diet in addition to making you lose up to 8 kilos of weight, can help rebuild your eating habits and lead a healthy and balanced life.

Weekly menu to lose Weight up to 8 kilos in a month

To make this great diet, you must follow the weekly menu to lose weight, and we give you an example menu for the 7 days of the week, you can repeat the remaining weeks.


  • Breakfast: One yogurt and 50 g. of cereals (oats, amaranth, wheat bran, etc.) and an apple.
  • Mid morning: An infusion. This can be a green tea or fruit tea. (try the amount of sweetener, preferably you can sweeten with stevia)
  • Food: Lettuce salad; 160 g. of grilled white fish with a boiled potato and a cold or hot infusion.
  • Snack: 50 g. of bread with 50 g. of cheese, the latter preferably low-fat as panela.
  • Dinner: Scrambled eggs of 2 eggs with vegetables and wild asparagus; 50 g of bread and an orange.


  • Breakfast: 200 mL of skim or light milk and 30 g. of bread. The latter of integral preference.
  • Mid morning: An orange in segments.
  • Food: Salad of lettuce, lentils with chard, potatoes and carrots and a cold or hot infusion.
  • Snack: A green pear.
  • Dinner: Couscous with vegetables and an egg omelette. The first one can be rice with vegetables, the ones you prefer, broccoli, carrot, colifror, etc.


  • Breakfast: 30 g. of bread with tomato and ham.
  • Mid morning: Orange juice.
  • Food: Mix of chard, carrots and potatoes cooked with 160 g. of white grilled fish and as a dessert 50g. of strawberries that you can accompany with amaranth.
  • Snack: Fruit or natural yogurt.
  • Dinner: Vegetable broth. Rice salad with 100 g. of fresh cheese. (goat, panela, basket, etc.)


  • Breakfast: Orange juice and cereal yogurt. In the latter you can use natural yogurt by adding cereals in it.
  • Mid morning: Infusion. Green or fruit tea.
  • Food: Pasta (80 g.) With spinach, 150 g. of grilled chicken, a pear and an infusion.
  • Snack: 50g. of bread with 50 g. of cheese.
  • Dinner: Tomato salad, 50 g. of millet with vegetables and a glass of skim or light milk.


  • Breakfast: A glass of skim milk with 30 g. of bread.
  • Mid morning: An orange in segments
  • Food: Chickpeas with vegetables and rice and an herbal tea.
  • Snack: Yogurt with fresh strawberries.
  • Dinner: Vegetable broth with noodles and chicken and an apple. The chicken can be breast, thigh or leg, without the skin.


  • Breakfast: Skim milk with 30 g. of whole or white bread, taking care that this is not with much candy or sugar.
  • Mid morning: An orange.
  • Food: Chickpeas with vegetables and rice. and an infusion.
  • Snack: Yogurt with strawberries or apples
  • Dinner: Vegetable broth with noodles and chicken and an apple.


  • Breakfast: An orange, an infusion and 50 g. of bread with a pinch of margarine.
  • Mid morning: 50 g. of fresh panela cheese.
  • Food: 60 g. of chickpeas with 50 g of rice mixed with cooked vegetables; a tomato and a natural or fruit yogurt.
  • Snack: 50 g. of cereals with skim or light milk.
  • Dinner: Vegetable cream with grilled chicken breast and an infusion.

Remember that you can substitute one day of the menu for another. Repeat for 3 more weeks and at the end of the month we count your results. 

Tips to lose 8 kilos in a month

  1. Calories: This concept is simple to lose weight 8 kilos in a month, the calorie intake <calorie output = weight loss. ( Calorie intake should be less than burning calories, which would be the same as losing weight ).
  2. Exercise: By dieting alone, you can lose weight. However, you may not be able to sustain the sudden changes in lifestyle. Worse yet, you can even recover a fraction of your weight once you have stopped dieting. If you have not exercised for a long time, the first thing you should do is get a pair of comfortable and stylish running shoes that you can use in the gym and outside. There are thousands of workouts that you can find online workouts for weight loss that teach you the correct posture. Do not be afraid to try different workouts!
  3. Patience : Do not be stuck or stuck always to the scale, if some days you do you can notice that you may even be gaining a few grams, this is normal, more when we are in a workout, sometimes we just lose water, or muscle, but you have to Be patient if you want to see the end of the goal. Remember also that everything depends on your metabolism and each body is a world. So if you already made the decision, you will get it!
  4. Join a community if you want a new “lifestyle” instead of just instant weight loss, make new friends who have the same interest as you and continue fighting for a common goal.