The Principal Factors in Women Depression

Women Depression

Depression, a mood disorder in people that causes negative feelings, loneliness, sadness, anxiety, and hopelessness is most commonly seen in women. The degree of depression in women depends upon the cause or the strength of the causing factor. People may feel empty, worthless, and can have suicidal behavior during the phase.

Women are more likely to experience depression than men. According to studies, six out of ten people who are depressed are women. Most women have a major depression episode at some point in their life.

What causes depression in women more?

Scientific studies believe that the major factor that makes women more likely to go through depression is the fluctuation of hormones. During their teens, both boys and girls go through depression and the ratio of girls to boys is nearly equal. However, as they grow older, women are more likely to have depression than men. This may be because of natural factors like menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause.

During pregnancy and menopause alone, depression in women is at its highest rate. Similarly, before during and after their menstruation period, they have mood swings and react accordingly. Some even show the symptoms of depression every month during their periods. Irritability, fatigue, bloating, and other physical issues depress women during their menstruation period. Three out of ten women experience depression during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. The major cause is thus believed to be the hormonal imbalance that occurs naturally in women. In some cases, infertility and miscarriage can be the major cause.

Other factors such as genetics, family background, and sexual abuse may also be the primary cause of depression in women.

Is depression occurred in men and women is different?

Normally, women and men experience different types and degrees of depression. Alcohol and drug abuse being common during the depression, women are more likely to fall under those addictions than men. They experience worthlessness, hopelessness, anxiety, feeling of guiltiness and can have suicidal thoughts more frequently. Depression is also most of the time linked with heredity. However, most of the time, women are only seen to have depressed because of family background. Women also tend to feel apathetic and worthless blaming themselves during the whole course whereas men feel angry and irritable and blame others for them being depressed.

Is depression and pregnancy-related? Is it normal?

You may have heard it many times. Depression and pregnancy. This could be another strong reason that increases the rate of depression in women. Actually, the relation between depression and pregnancy cannot be considered normal. However, women experience the problem. Although pregnancy had to be the phase where a woman’s life is to be filled with joy, some go through depression. One in ten women has depression during pregnancy or during maternity. The only cause that women go through this phase during pregnancy would be the fluctuation of hormones. In developing or under-developing countries, they also might have depression because of the pressure from family members during pregnancy and maternity.

What treatment could be safe for women?

Few people take Niacin for Depression but, Medications and antidepressants are not proved to be appropriate in case of depression. Unlike men, women require lower doses of antidepressants and have more side effects that could be dangerous and lead to other mental problems. Instead, natural mood lifters like finding a hobby, exercising, socializing and meditating could be helpful in the case of women.

Is there anything women could do to get rid of depression?

As depression hits a person, it is very much difficult to completely get rid of it. The best medicine to get rid of depression completely is time. With time, everything gets back to normal. However, with various coping skills for depression, you could reduce the time required to heal yourself. Various activities and diet plan is very important for you to tackle depression accordingly and appropriately.

  • Exercise: Exercising helps you to release two important hormones to your brain: serotonin and dopamine. With the production of these hormones, you will start to feel happier and more relaxed. Exercising on a regular basis is proven to have lots of positive effects on your brain, eliminating your depression.
  • Meditation: Another important remedy to train your brain to get rid of depression. Depression can be a little different than in men which required natural treatment like meditation. Meditate on a daily basis and experience the difference in your moods and day to day activities.
  • Socialize: Socializing with people having a positive attitude makes you the same. Especially, during this period, you may feel lonely and worthless because of which you require the company of people the most. Try and socialize with people to make your mind blank and get rid of negative thoughts.

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