Sleep and Weight Loss: Is There Any Link?

sleep and weight loss

Weight Loss

For anybody who sincerely desires to lose weight, the first advice from family, friends and even most web pages as well as weight lost products offered on the internet will be to start working out or get on a weight loss diet. Although the aim of this write up is not counter any of this claim, we would however like to offer another approach to weight loss, which you might not have taken note of, in your journey of weight loss.

A recent study by the Gallup poll revealed that about 45% of Americans get about six hours of sleep or fewer per day. And the side effects of inadequate sleep is not just a cranky attitude and a groggy morning. The fact is missing out on sleep can also enhance weight gain. Thus if you are on a road to weight loss, you should consider getting enough sleep every blessed day. Also, a research analysis published by scientist at the Columbia University revealed that people who have less than seven hours of sleep each night are heavier, and tends to gain more weight with time. For such people also, losing weight could be difficult. Having laid the foundation of the influence that sleep has on weight loss, shall we now proceed to discuss the various ways in which sleep helps with weight loss.

Sleep and Your Cortisol Level

Getting the right amount of sleep, preferably 8 hours every blessed night is very essential in reducing the cortisol bevel in your blood. And on the other hand, not getting enough sleep consequently increases the cortisol level, which in turn results in a lower metabolism rate which is not good for anyone who desire to lose weight. Cortisol is needed in the body to help break down protein into glucose. Increased level of glucose in the body might result in the glucose getting stored as fat.

Besides, cortisol also hinders the body from building muscle. Thus if you desire to lose weight, one of your goal should be to have optimum cortisol level in your body which can be induced by getting adequate sleep.

Sleep and Calorie Burn

Come to think of it, it is when you get enough hours of sleep that you are adequately equipped with energy to perform the next day’s activities. And a research from the American Journal of Clinical Medicine revealed that people who get adequate hours of sleep were found to burn five times more calories than people who do not. And such category of people also burned 20% more calories after each meal than their sleep-deprived counterpart.

Sleep and Your Hormones

The level of sleep also affects several hormones in the body of a man. And two of such hormones are responsible for stimulating as well as supressing your appetite. They are leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is majorly responsible for suppressing hunger and is produced in the body’s fat cells. Ghrelin however is responsible for stimulating the appetite and is release in the stomach.

Not getting enough sleep decreases the leptin level (thus making you hungry and crave for food) in your blood and also increases the level of Ghrelin (increasing your appetite as well). And we know that excessive food craving is not god for someone who is interested in losing weight. Getting enough sleep however will decrease hunger thus helping you on your journey of weight loss.

Sleep and Exercise Recovery

As agreed on the introductory part of this write up, the importance of exercise to weight loss cannot be over emphasized. In fact, regular exercise is a great way of getting those extra pounds of your body. However, when you exercise, you inflict some minor injuries on your muscles. As a result of this, you must allow your body to heal and recover. The best time for this healing process to take place is during sleep. If you however deprive your body of the necessary hours of sleep, your body will stay fatigued for long and you will performance will also reduce. 

In summary, the importance of sleep to aiding people with weight loss cannot be over emphasised. Sleep is as important as the weight loss diet you are subscribing to and your exercise plan as well. Enough hours of sleep is also important in losing weight. Sleep reduces your appetite, sleep improves your metabolism, sleep allows your body to rest and recover. Thus in addition to your weight loss diet plan and exercise for weight loss, consider getting enough hours of sleep as well.

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