Detox with Coconut Water Fasting – What, Why and How?

Coconut Water

Coconut water has become increasingly popular as a health drink worldwide as it’s a great way to boost your vitamins, electrolytes, and mineral intake without worrying about excess fat and calories.


Also known as the coconut juice, it is the clear liquid present in the center of young green coconut. As the coconut matures the liquid is replaced by white coconut meat that is used to make coconut milk.


Some of its benefits are help in weight loss, improve digestion, hydrate body, beauty benefits, replenish lost nutrients post workout and reduce blood pressure. Read more about coconut water benefits for weight loss detoxification here.


Nutritional Profile of coconut water

The natural and refreshing drink has slightly sweet and salty taste.

  • A cup or 240g of coconut water contains approx 40 calories,
  • Unlike coconut milk, it has no fat and no cholesterol
  • A cup contains easily digestible sugars and carbohydrates
  • High in electrolytes like sodium and potassium
  • It also contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Protein, Iron and Calcium, making it a complete nutrient package for the body

The nutritional content varies in packaged coconut water as they are treated and have additional sugar and flavorings.


What is coconut water fasting?

Fasting has been practiced for ages for its tremendous mental and physical benefits. It is a great way to give a break to your digestive tracts, remove toxins, improve physiology functioning, lose weight, get healthier skin and more.


Coconut water fasting involves drinking only coconut water.  You are not allowed to consume any solids or any other liquid including tea or juices for a defined period of time.


Coconut water fasting is regarded as a better option for those focusing on cleansing the body and improving focus and digestion. Water fasting, where you only consume water, can make you low in energy as water does not provide any nutritional support. This can deplete the stored nutrient level of your body needed to perform routine processes. The low nutrient level can slow down the detoxification and healing process.


Coconut water fasting can revitalize and clean the body without compromising on the electrolytes, vitamins and minerals needed by the system. You not only feel great but you have the energy to fast longer.


Some people fast for a day and some for longer periods. It depends entirely on the individual and the result one is seeking.


Why detox?

Our bodies are exposed to hundreds of different toxins through our food and environment everyday. Our natural system struggles to remove these harmful substances from our body. But over time, these toxins still build up and negatively affect our body processes.


Following a detox diet can help improve energy levels, digestion, weight problems and mental focus.


There are a number of detox diets like raw food and fresh juices diets, but some diet plans just starve you off the essential nutrients that your body needs everyday, making you feel drained, dehydrated or adversely affect blood sugar levels.


Coconut water is packed with essential electrolytes and vital nutrients. It nourishes the body with the required amount of energy needed while detox without taxing it.


How coconut water helps in detoxification

  1. Pure coconut water is alkaline and thus has a great cleansing affect on our body.
  2. It is also a natural diuretic helping the body by removing harmful toxins from the digestive tract.
  3. Fights cholesterol – A study conducted on animals showed that coconut water consumption can significantly lower bad cholesterol like triglycerides and improve the level of good cholesterol. Though an extensive study on humans is still pending, the results certainly give us good hope.
  4. Coconut water is shown to improve metabolism and subsequently aid in weight loss. It works based on how our body reacts on being hydrated. Coconut water hydrates the body, which makes it less likely for the body to store fat and thus improves the metabolic rate. Hence when you are dehydrated you tend to have a slower metabolism, burn fat very slowly and thus lose weight slowly.
  5. It is also loaded with dietary fiber which helps in cleansing the system and reduces hunger pangs by making you feel fuller longer.


Fresh coconut water is refreshing, tasty and hydrates your body. If you are considering a store bought packaged option, be sure to read the ingredients carefully.


Word of caution

  • Prefer fasting with fresh coconut water. Consume right after cutting it open, as it tends to get bacterial contamination and loses nutrients over time. If you can’t, keep it refrigerated for not more than a day or two.
  • Bottled or packaged coconut water often contains more calories, sugar, flavor enhancers and preservatives that might offset the purpose of detox.
  • Avoid drinking too much coconut water in a short span of time. It can drastically increase your sodium and potassium levels and cause an electrolyte imbalance. The condition can sometimes even be life threatening. So if you develop symptoms like muscle contraction, low blood pressure or irregular heart beat, seek medical attention immediately.
  • If you are considering it over water fasting, remember that coconut water is not fat-free or calorie-free. The key to success lies in moderation. Too much coconut water can add to the calories and sugar.
  • It is recommended that you seek professional health advice before starting on longer duration fast.