Why you should laugh with MYVIRALBOX Human are social animals, we interact with others, exchange information and stay up-to-date. One of the sources for all...

Don’t strive for skinny

Skinny VS Healthy As the summer approaches, there’s a clear focus in the fitness industry, and society - it’s time to get skinny.With “fit teas”...


diet culture

Is diet culture toxic?

Diet culture Diet culture has taken the world by storm, but we ask; "is it unhealthy or toxic?" With such an emphasis on dieting and...

Incorporating veganism to your diet

Veganism It may seem like a fad or trend at the moment, but veganism does have multiple benefits - all of which can help you...


Losing weight

Losing weight by eating more, is that possible?

Losing weight Diet culture often revolves around the idea that you eat less and lose more weight. That’s the key. However, as we’ve touched...
weight loss journey

How to save money on your weight loss journey

Weight loss journey As soon as we start dieting, we seem to break our budgets in our weight loss journey on clean eating, gym memberships,...



Bingeing isn’t bad

Diet culture has caused us to believe that bingeing is a terrible thing to do and restricting yourself is healthy. You'll notice it, as...
breakfast salads

Have you tried breakfast salads?

Breakfast salads Have you seen the new trend of a breakfast salad? It’s a little bit different from the usual toast that we have every...


Healthy While Traveling

How to Stay Active and Healthy While Traveling

Healthy While Traveling Traveling – whether for work or play – can often lead to unhealthy choices, especially when you are pressed for time. Making...
Skipping Meals

Skipping Meals: What Effect Does Skipping Meals Have on your Body?

Skipping Meals When it comes to your mind and body, skipping meals often is like skipping sleep, it is very harmful and actually toxic to...


Fitness apps

The best fitness apps for you

Fitness apps With our entire worlds on the internet, it’s time that we started embracing them for our fitness and diet. An app can be...
Butt workouts

Butt workouts for at home

Butt workouts  We know, having a butt that looks great in your jeans is great, but also having healthy strong glutes is a crucial part...