4 slider exercises for your core

If you are ready to bring your daily workout routine up a notch, including these 4 slider exercises for your core will give you the

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Bring your walking routine up a notch

Walking is one of the best workouts you can give your body… and one of the easiest ones as well!

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Does Trekking Help to Lose Weight

No doubt! Trekking plays a vital role to lose weight. People are spending a luxurious life and getting fat. Fat

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Toned legs at home… no equipment needed!

Lean, toned legs are a dream for most of us. But whether we like it or not, having those dream

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Want to Workout, but can’t Leave the house Cause the Coronavirus?

Your gym is shut down and you must respect the recommendations of social distancing due to the outbreak of Coronavirus? Don’t

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No Time or Money for Gym Workouts? Here’s the Solution

Gym Workouts Sometimes, the gym workouts isn’t a possibility for everybody. Many of us lead busy lives, some of us

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What is the new Shreddy app?

Shreddy App There’s a new app in town and could be the piece of technology we’ve been missing in our

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Be Healthy, Be Social

Healthy foods, Healthy bodies,Healthy minds. Come and discuss with us in our social channels.

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