Why Eating Less and Moving More is not a Good Idea


A lot of people believe that in order to look better all you need to do is eat less and move more. Unfortunately, this is not only completely inaccurate, but in some situations quite harmful as well. First of all, regardless how desperately you want to look better, this desire should never be placed before your health. Needless to say, spending more calories than you can intake is not a good idea in the long run. In fact, a regimen like this can leave you burned out, increase the risk of injury, and even slow down weight loss goals. Here are some reasons why eating less and moving more is not something that you should try.

5Crash Diets Can’t Be Good

For starters, what a lot of people lack is enough patience and will to change their body the right way. The only proper way to do this is through years of training and carefully managed diets. However, in their arrogance, they believe that what some people need years to achieve, they could do in just a couple of months. This is the sole reason for the incredible popularity of crash diets. Even if you could lose a lot of weight this way, it would cause such a shock to your body that it would become temporarily damaged. Your immune system would weaken, exposing you to illnesses which you could easily fight off otherwise.