Fad Diets That Can Help You Lose Weight – Or Maybe Your Life

Fad Diets

For decades people have made it clear that people (especially women) that were larger than their self-imposed normal weight were undesirable. They were made to feel somehow broken, “less-than” and imperfect. Well before high school, they were told how lovely they would be if they would “just lose some weight”. The look of pity in their eyes and the shake of their head led them to believe that they were already broken beyond repair. With no real guidance other than looks of shame when they were seen with a candy bar or in a group wearing a swimsuit, overweight children quickly grew into ashamed young adults. Then fad diets start.

They were not alone

While these parents and others were “helping” the chubby child, they were often morphing their minds into a person with an eating disorder that is on the other end of the spectrum. Binge Eating Disorder, Is related closely with Obesity Disorder. When the pressure not to eat is just too strong, a person may go on a binge. They eat huge amounts of food at one sitting, within 2-hours. They may then force themselves to throw-up. This is where more common eating disorders come in. To make matters worse, a lot of people do not believe obesity is an eating disorder.

Looking For The Magic Bullet

These people who have been labeled as “broken” did their part to sculpt their bodies to your vision of perfect. They too have made some major mistakes in choosing wild products guaranteed to change their lives. Below you will find a few of the methods people have used. These methods were marketed as foolproof and safe products. We urge you to avoid anything you see here. Before you begin any type of unusual addition to your eating plan intended to reduce your weight, consult your doctor.

  • The Cotton Ball Diet
    • The Cotton Ball Diet is just what you think it is. The people on this eating plan swallow cotton balls when they feel hungry. If the lack of taste puts you off, soak the balls in soup. Keep in mind, today’s cotton balls are actually bleached polyester and the fabric can block your intestines, cause dehydration, cause infection, and many other problems.
  • Mud anyone?
    • The Clay Diet is a diet that even some movie stars have tried. Please don’t follow their example. You will drink a cup of Bentonite Clay which is really volcanic ash. They will tell you it has all the nutrition that comes from the Earth. The clay swells up to 20 times its size. It pushes everything out of your stomach and you cannot eat for a long time. This can damage your stomach, intestines, internal organs, and cause the clay to harden and not be able to exit your body. It can cause major dehydration and can cause death. Please do not try this. Do not eat the dirt.
  • Worms
    • Tapeworms were a way to diet in the Victorian Era. Some people still do this today, You swallow a capsule with a tapeworm egg inside. It hatches and can grow to over 55 feet long. It may live 20 plus years and it can reproduce on its own while inside you. People think it eats all the food you eat. But it can eat past what you eat and begin to eat you. It can cause so much damage, there is really no limit to what you will lose. From stomach issues to brain issues and seizures, To get rid of the tapeworm, your doctor will give you medication to kill it and you should pass it the normal way. The medication is based on what damage the worm caused.

Educate your kids

Parents need to explain health to their children. We talk to them about every other danger but forget this. Visit any high school group and ask the kids how many are trying to lose weight and you will be shocked. In one group of 15 high school girls in our group, one was eating only 3 hard-boiled eggs and an apple a day. One was eating normal but was exercising 2 hours per day and using a hot tub for 1-hour, One was fasting and drinking pickle juice before bed. None of these girls were overweight. They had to be “perfect” for cheerleading tryouts.

Time For Change

It is true that more and more people around the world are becoming obese. The way we live, the way we eat, and the way we work, does not leave a lot of time for cooking and playing basketball with the kids’ ar night. So, more people are gaining weight. As heavier people become part of the mainstream population venders began to see, they are missing a big part of the market if they do not accept and celebrate the beauty in all people.

The media has finally accepted that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. People have grown and no longer try to shame our kids into being who they are not. We give them a healthy life and love them unconditionally. Health and happiness go hand in hand and the bathroom scale has little to say about it. When parents, the media, and the fashion world work together, we will succeed. It looks like we are off to a good start.