Incorporating veganism to your diet



It may seem like a fad or trend at the moment, but veganism does have multiple benefits – all of which can help you with your diet.

Veganism is slowly but surely on the rise – with many people becoming interested in doing their bit for the planet, for the animals, and even their health. Specially with documentaries such as What the Health gaining prominence – veganism has really taken the world by storm.

Vegans have increased energy, faster recovery from exercise, improved digestions, better bone and heart health, and lower risk of cancer and chronic diseases.

Vegan diet for weight loss

Believe it or not, you can be extremely unhealthy and vegan. No, we’re not talking about nutrient or protein deficiency, as many will argue – we’re talking about junk food.

There are tonnes of vegan junk food on the market, which won’t help you lose weight, even if they are technically much healthier.

Vegan diets have been proven to aid with weight loss, in a really healthy and productive way. No more skinny teas or detoxes – they’re a plant-based way to shed some pounds. There are tonnes of success stories online, which may just give you the motivation that you need.

However, if full-time veganism feels like too much of a huge jump, below are ways that you can incorporate the die into your everyday life.

Many have proceeded to go full-time vegan, whereas others have taken the other direction. This is very subjective to you.

  1. Try meatless Mondays

One of the best ways to transition to veganism is to go vegetarian first. This is a much easier step and proves to be extremely motivating.

Start with Meatless Mondays, then do it two times a week – slowly increase to 5 or 7 days.

Then do the same with veganism.

  1. Plants over protein mindset

In the diet and fitness industry, we’re bombarded with this idea that protein is the be-all, end-all. This just isn’t the case at all.

Plants and meat substitutes can provide you with equal (if not more) protein. We promise, if you take a look at everything you’re eating, you won’t be fatigued, malnourished or lose muscle.

  1. Vegan substitutes

With so many people turning vegan, there’s an abundance of options out there for you. Try your hand at a bunch of vegan alternatives to your favorite meals, and see what you think.

Tempeh, jackfruit, tofu, and seitan are all fantastic options if you want to try your hand at delicious recipes yourself.

  1. Go out of your comfort zone

I think you’ll agree – we’ve all been conditioned to like individual pieces of food. We find plants and certain foods scary to try – automatically disliking them before we try them.

Vegan food has had an unfair representation on social media and in society when, in reality, it really is delicious.

Don’t be afraid to dive into it all, head first.

Incorporating veganism into your diet as countless benefits for you, your fitness, and the environment around you.

Do you think you’ll give it a go?