Nutritional Diet & Principles To Achieve A Fitness Body

Fitness Body

Fitness Body

A healthy diet contributes greatly to maintaining the health and well-being of a person. People who practice sports or train on a regular basis need a contribution of nutrients different from those who lead a sedentary life, and if your goal is to gain muscle mass, have a fitness body, this can be an excellent help to guide your diet.

Protein, 2gr per kilogram of weight per day. The protein in nutrition is the structure of the muscle; it is the most important macronutrient. In a beginner, we could increase this amount for the first three months. On days off, the amount will be less.

 Fat, although many think that it is necessary to suppress fat completely we must contribute 20% of our diet in the form of fat. Fat helps maintain high testosterone levels so that we are stimulating muscle growth.

Intake Carbohydrates, between 4 and 6 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of weight per day. This macronutrient along with the protein performs an essential function for hypertrophy. They accumulate in the muscle in the form of muscle glycogen, keeping them dense and large. The intake of different types of carbohydrates will depend on the time of day and training.

Take Calories, between 40-50 calories per kilogram of weight per day. It is important to maintain a positive caloric intake by taking more calories than we consume. For this, you can make a calculation of your daily caloric expenditure with activity factor.

Number of meals, eat at least 5-6 meals a day, distributing everything mentioned above between these meals in an equitable manner. Eat with an interval of 3 hours maximum.

Other ergogenic aids, you can add supplements like a shake after training, since that is when the body is able to synthesize such amount of protein. It is important to take this shake before 30 minutes post workout. You can also supplement the diet with BCAA’s, creatine or glutamine, which will help muscle growth and improve performance and recovery of your workouts always taking healthy amounts.

Fundamental rules to stay fit:

  • Drink 3l of water per day
  • Zero sugar
  • Zero trans fats
  •  Zero refined flours
  • Low glycemic load carbohydrates
  •  Treated in vegetables
  • Low in dairy and lactose

Foods to perform well in the gym and help you to get a Fitness Body

Do you want to boost your optimism, perform more at work, be happy and stay young? Well, start questioning what you put on the plate. Because, yes, you must learn to eat to be better. In particular, we are going to focus on the food that we have to eat to perform well in the gym. Because, how many times have you heard that we are what we eat? And how many have you considered that maybe your lack of optimism or that faint concentration is due to not eating as you should?

If we want to give the maximum in each situation and stay young and happy, we must strengthen our diet with strategic nutrients. Consider yourself if you need a change in your diet if you get tired when climbing the stairs of the house; you do not follow the rhythm of the classes in the gym; you exercise a lot but your body does not ‘react’; or neither lose weight nor gain muscle.

Olive oil

Its monounsaturated fats slow the degeneration of the muscle and protect the joints (fundamental after training).


Relieves muscle pain, in addition to stimulating metabolism (increases energy expenditure) and oxidation of fats.

Greek yogurt

It is a food that helps increase muscle mass. It has twice the protein of a normal yogurt, but it has half the sodium. In addition, it satisfies and removes the appetite. The Greek yogurt, in its preparation, does not lose casein, a protein of slow digestion that provides amino acids to the blood.


Rich in Omega 3, which reduces the breakdown of proteins that occurs after exercise (to generate muscle, you have to store new proteins before the body breaks down the old ones).


It contains essential amino acids that repair muscle mass. On the other hand, the yolk is rich in vitamin D, necessary to maintain muscle tissue in optimal conditions.

Fruit and vegetable

5 servings of both a day are essential for their minerals and vitamins A and C, which are antioxidants

Protective menu to get a Fitness Body

Breakfast: Fruit + a yogurt with rye bread or oatmeal.

Mid-morning: Turkey + infusion or almonds or strawberry cheese + fruit.

Food: Green leafy vegetables + lean meat + soy yogurt.

Snack: Turkey + infusion or ginger.

Dinner: Vegetables + white fish + relaxing infusion.

Here are some guidelines for a diet that promotes muscle growth, I hope you help but do not forget to get the desired results of this diet, you must train hard and rest.

We hope this post helped you to get a fitness body. Please feel free to share your comment in the comment box below.