The Basics of Nutrition

The Basics of Nutrition


Being healthy has always been taken for granted by many people. What people don’t know is that nutrition is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. It is so essential for fighting the common diseases, maintaining an optimal physical or mental performance and being active in general. Diseases such as cancer and diabetes are known to affect people with bad habits and so are conditions like obesity, stroke and heart disease. Learning the basic principles to guide you to a better feeding habit is very important. Optimizing what you eat requires a framework and some form of discipline just like any important step in life. Moreover, different people have different nutritional needs.

The principle of Staying Healthy

This is majorly guided by what you eat. A macro nutrient food list will always work for you. For the carbohydrates you can go for the simple ones like the sugars with exception of fresh fruits or you can also opt for the complex ones like whole grains. Proteins are very important because they have body building features. Nutrition has to include protein like dairy, eggs, whole grains, vegetables, soy products, lean meat, seeds and nuts. You are advised to be very cautious when it comes to fats because they can be very bad and endanger your health. Limit your consumption of unsaturated fats. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats from plants are very important.

The principle of having a Well Balanced Diet

Most diets consist of too much sugars and carbohydrates which have made people obese or overweight. You need to have a sensible combination of foods which form a balanced nutrition program. After knowing your food options this principle is all about having a perfect match and ensuring you get the right nutrients from the right foodstuff. A good diet should have the macronutrients like proteins (15-25%), carbohydrates (50-65%) and fats (20-25%). Micronutrients are also very important for the body in that they make you have a healthy and disease resistant system.

The Principle of Having Regular Meals

The body is a system so there has to be some uniformity in your nutrition habits. Ensure you space your main meals with at least four hours in between. You can always have a mixture of both complex and simple forms of carbohydrates, healthy fats, proteins and minerals as well. Your meals also have to be moderately sized because eating too much would be a waste. –

Basically you are recommended to be in control of what you are having all the time. You can always visit a nutritionist to know the right nutrition for you. Alternatively you can check the internet and know more about how important it is to have good nutrition. People might opt for the processed foods but they are never the best option because they have too many preservatives and lack minerals like iron, phosphorous and calcium. Always go for the refined food because they have fiber which is essential for the entire digestion process. Whole foods also have important nutrients and good water content.