Understanding the Need for Nutrition in All Stages Of Life



Eating nutritious and healthy food is important throughout your life. Healthy food contributes in the growth and development of your body. Everyone needs food to live, but everyone needs different nutrients to grow healthy. Do you eat the same kind of food that you had when you were a baby? Can milk and cereals be sufficient for you? Do you understand the importance of a good nutrition in every stage of life? All these changes happened without your knowledge. Now, when you bite your vegetable or meat, do you think why the same was not given to you when you were a baby? You might have so many questions in mind. Without realizing, the food habit changes in every stage of life. 

Nutrition in all Stages of life

– New-born babies

Breastfeeding is recommended for all newborn babies. They need to build a strong immune system. The bones start developing, and they need nutrients that help in the growth of bones. In later stages, when your baby is around six months, you can give them cereals and boiled vegetables and fruits. Until 12 months, you can start feeding your baby with solid food without salt or sugar. When the baby grows, it cannot depend completely on milk, so these solid foods are given.

– Children

When the child starts growing, there are many nutrients required for a healthy growth. The need for Proteins, vitamin, calcium on their body increases as they grow. The food intake may vary from child to child as it involves many factors. Your child will eat the food only if it is tasty and nice. Secondly, if your child involves in more physical activities, she or he will tend to eat more. It is a time when your child needs to improve the weight. More of vegetables, fruits, meat and eggs are recommended during this stage.

– Teenagers

In teenage, you may be studying or working, so you need to have a healthy diet to regulate the growth of your body. Milk, cheese, breads, nuts, rice, grains are required. Cooked and prepared food gives you the energy and nutrients that you need. You need to have food that is rich in calcium and iron.

– Adults

This is the stage where you are exposed to many diseases, and you should control the intake of fat and eat food that can help you in maintaining your weight. Intake of sugar and salt should be limited for a healthy living.

– Old Age

When you are old, your body takes a long time to digest, and you need to avoid eating heavy food. Avoid fat, table salt, sweets, sugar, nuts, biscuits and bread. Food with high fibre content is recommended during this stage.

Food habit changes during your life cycles so that you get the required nutrients for the growth and development of the organs. You need to understand the changes and eat healthy food with required nutrients to lead a healthy and happy life.