4 Ways to Prevent Breakouts After Exercise

Prevent Breakouts After Exercise

Visits to the gym are a great way to unwind, get in shape and socialize, so don’t let the fear of breakouts inspire you to pass on its benefits. It is only natural that tons of sweat, closed space, direct contact with equipment and the floating dust particles affect our skin in some manner. What we ought to do is be smart about it and nip it in the bud before it has the chance to spoil our fitness experience. Keep flexing while we tell you about the biggest no-noes of your beauty and fitness regimen that may lead to some unpleasant skin condition.

Wash up

 Just like it is common to shower next to leaving the salty sea water or some local pool, it is recommendable to rinse yourself with water after you’ve finished your exercise session. Some gyms include it in their amenities, but others don’t. The combination of dirt and oily skin may fill up the pores with nasty bacteria that could easily irritate you body cover. Be sure to fix your daily schedule in the way it allows you to wash up thoroughly as soon as possible, with occasional mild exfoliation. A convenient but temporary save is using the wipes with salicylic acid which decomposes hard, sticky junk in the pores. Still, cleanse the face properly when you get home.

Don’t touch

Another sensible and notoriously overlooked advice is to avoid the contact with face in the middle of your drill. It is hard to abide by it because we get the craziest itches due to sweat pouring down your face and grime getting stuck to it relentlessly. Just think about all the people that have touched the equipment and left their own bacteria cultures and you may reconsider reaching for the skin. Some may tell you to carry towels, one for the mat and other to wipe your face, but they will get contaminated as well. We suggest you wear breathable headbands to stop the leaks, and washing with soap in the bathroom between sections if you cannot ignore the tickle.


 I know some cannot imagine being without at least a bit of make-up, but please bear in mind that heavy physical exhaustion doesn’t mix up well with loads of cosmetic product on our face. The toxins removed via sweat get caught with the rest of impurities which puts the pores on overload. If you must wear something, use light BB creams and tinted lip balm, for example. The less invasive, the better. Make sure you don’t forget to remove it at end of the day.

Protection and treatment

Gear-wise, select the materials that soak up the sweat while letting the skin breathe. If you are working out in the sun, the sunblock is a must. Choose the ones with delicate formula that matches your skin type. Apply oil-free moisturizer once your face is cleaned. Opt for products that have component which annihilate the bacteria paired with a substance that soothes the inflammatory process, such as aloe vera. The situations that include a few tiny breakouts use gentle tea tree oil that quickly targets and repairs the infected area. Finally, if you’re in need of an extensive makeover, go to a respectable facial rejuvenation clinic to repair the damage fully and professionally.

Physical exertion is highly recommendable and we definitely wouldn’t want you to give up on it. While we may not avoid the acne-inducive conditions, we can learn to bypass the perils of it. Create a careful plan and try your best to stick to it for a clear and nurtured skin.