5 Best Tips To Build Your Muscular Endurance


Muscular endurance can be described as the ability of a particular muscle (or group of muscles) to exert force repetitively and consistently, for an extended period of time. When you build muscular endurance you’ll be able to do various different physical tasks for a much longer period of time. Building muscular endurance requires properly training all of the endurance components of the muscle fibers in a targeted way. You can actually manipulate various training variables so as to target the muscles for endurance. Here are the 5 best tips to build your muscular endurance;

1Weight Training

When your goal is to build muscular endurance, you should try and stick to the lower weights and then perform high repetitions; this doesn’t mean that the weights should be easy to lift or effortless. High repetitions basically means that you need to be able to lift those weights at least twelve times, but no more than sixteen times. If you are able to easily lift the weights more than 16 times, then you should increase the weights til you feel tired/fatigued at a point between twelve and sixteen repetitions. Let your muscles rest for about 30 seconds between every set, and then perform 2 – 3 sets of exercises. You can use free weights or machines to build your muscular endurance