5 Workout Routines Every Bowhunter Should Master


What makes bowhunting so pleasurable is the sheer levels of difficulty involved. As an avid bowhunter, you have to be totally assured of your fitness. You will have hike into your hunting grounds, stalk your prey and ultimately stealthily loosen you arrows at it. This signifies it is extremely important for you to train before hunting. Regardless of whether you are bowhunting deer, whitetail or even elk, you must endeavor to obtain more speed from your bow by pulling more weight. Physical strength and endurance are critical aspects of bowhunting.

It is unfortunate that most bowhunters pay little regard to train their bodies before embarking on hunting. However, effective training will result in much more consistency in your overall success. It will make your hunting more pleasurable and permit you to hunt hard even when your eclipse your prime years. The right exercise regimen can assist you to obtain more leg and core strength that is reinforced by stronger glutes and hamstrings.

Also, enhancing your lower body endurance will let you hike farther and much quicker. This, in its turn, will allow you to cover more ground to stalk the trophies you are pursuing. You will also be able to shoot your arrows more straighter and integrating optimal consistency. This is particularly the case when you train your core to enhance your shoulder strength and stability. Here then are some top 5 workout routines should master you should know.


  1. Step-up with backpack

To execute this workout, you will need a box actually to step on, preferable one that is at least 24ā€ in height. You will also have to wear your hunting backpack loaded with a sizeable weight of at least 40lbs. The step-up with backpack exercise has been designed to strengthen your torso and legs.

You should execute it by stepping up on the box, with your lead leg, while reducing push-off using your back foot. All the while making sure you incorporate an ideal posture as you start to step up and down. You should alternate your legs after each step and then keep track of the reps you perform. To realize maximum strength and conditioning, execute many steps as you can within 20 minutes.



  1. Front rack step-up

You will need a barbell and the same box utilized in the previous exercise. Generally, most barbells weigh around 45lbs. Place the bar that it rests on your shoulders, chest and clavicle. The wrist mobility is essential in this bowhunter workout. Therefore, hold the bar using a fingertip grip.

This allows you to take your elbows high in parallel alignment to the ground. Doing so increases the challenge exerted on your core as you will have to support your torso in the upright position as you step-up and down. You can do many steps within 5 minutes. All the while ensuring you integrate an ideal posture and restrict your knees from possible buckling towards the mid-line.

  1. Single dumbbell row



You will need a single dumbbell and a bench to execute this exercise. Essentially, it forces you to pull weight with one hand, while at the same time, pushing the bench with the other hand and holding your core and lower body tight. This is just like taking a shooting stance.

Place your two feet on the ground, making you utilize your entire body, especially the core to stabilize. Without doubt, this is infinitely advantageous than sitting on your bum on a exercise machine. Execute 4 sets of 6 to 10 repetitions for each arm.

  1. Decline pushups



Start by kneeling on the floor at a slightly wider width than that of your shoulders. Next, position your feet on the bench and uplift your body into the rigid plank stance with your arms extended. Maintaining the straight position of your body, lower your upper part of body to the hard floor by simply bending your arms.

However, to facilitate a full descent, push your head slightly backwards without arching your back. Then push your body upwards until both your arms are fully extended. Repeating this movement over and over again, will definitely tax your shoulders, chest, core and arms simultaneously. Execute several sets while endeavoring to integrate an ideal posture.

  1. Deadlifts


Deadlifts can be executed in several ways. Nevertheless, we will concentrate on traditional deadlifts, which can efficiently recruit about 80% of your skeletal muscles simultaneously. Position your shins so that they touch the bar and are in perpendicular alignment with the ground. Ensure you incorporate a natural Sā€™ curve position in your lumbar spine with shoulders a little over the bar.

Then, in a single fluid motion, pull the bar way up along your shins, then cross the knees and hug tight to the thighs as you assume an upright stance. In this position, your legs should be locked out and shoulders slightly behind the bar. As you lower the bar, ensure that you reverse the same movement. Deadlifts are heavy, therefore keep your sets, then reps to a reasonable number.

image011Author Bio: Kevin Steffey is an avid hunter and freelance writer. He loves spending time in the field with his rifle more than almost anything else, and occupies his off-time discussing deer and their habits online. He is a founder at www.deerhuntingfield.com