The Best Way to Prep Your Body for a Workout


After a long workout, you tend to treat yourself to a nicely prepared meal. Even if you’re still choosing healthy foods, thinking of what you’ll eat is a great way to motivate yourself to power through that extra rep at the gym. That meal is a reward, but if you’re working so hard for dinner, are you making sure you are putting good food in your body before your workout? What are you eating to prep your muscles for an hour of intense physical activity? It’s important to fuel your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs so your body doesn’t take energy from the very part you’re trying to strengthen: your muscles. That’s right, when your body doesn’t get all the energy it needs from healthy foods, then it starts to feed off your muscles for that energy. Although it may at first seem counterintuitive, eating a healthy snack or meal is crucial to a successful workout. The key is to eat nutrient-dense foods, so you can get all of the nutrition you need without overeating.

1Eating carbs before a workout

Eating carbs before a workout is important because your body needs the fiber and glucose for energy. Glucose is a type of sugar that is found naturally in all types of food with carbohydrates. Some healthy foods with carbs are whole wheat bread, oatmeal and quinoa. Try eating a piece of toast or a quinoa bar about half an hour before your workout, and see if you notice yourself more energized when you would usually get tired during a workout. Carbohydrates are also found in fruits and vegetables.