Bring your walking routine up a notch

walking routine

Walking is one of the best workouts you can give your body… and one of the easiest ones as well! All you need is a pair of sneakers and you’re good to go. And while there are many benefits of walking, if you are ready to up your walking routine a notch, include these exercises.

Let’s take a look at them and their benefits:

  1. Front jabs

front jabs

Adding an upper body movement while you walk will improve your upper body condition and your coordination as you will use multiple muscle groups. In addition, depending on the rhythm you take, your heart rate will raise for an additional caloric burn.

  1. Lean to the right and to the left

tiny waist in your walking routine

Trying to touch the side of your knees with the same side hand. This will work your obliques, helping you in developing the tiny waist many of us dream about.

  1. Arm curls in your walking routine

arm curls

This simple, yet effective exercise will improve your biceps shape. Be sure to keep your elbows close to the body while doing the movement to avoid any injury.

  1. Touch the tip

right foot up in your walking routineBring your right foot up and try to touch the tip with your left hand, then switch to the other side. This toe touches will work your front abs and obliques in addition to your balance and stabilization.

  1. Power walk

power walk

Do a minute power walk to bring your heart rate up, but don’t run! Make sure to move your arms at the same pace as your legs, the objective is to have a more dynamic walk but without reaching a running pace.

  1. Different area for your walking routine

If possible, look for a different terrain where you can walk. Find a slope and walk uphill and downhill, walk in a track, in an uneven terrain or even on the street. The differences in terrain will keep your mind sharp as making a change to your usual landscape will keep you alert of the surroundings and will also make it fun to see what the new venues offer.

Remember that these movements must be done while walking and without losing your pace, or balance. When you start including these in your routine, make sure you get the movement down while standing and then include them in your walking to prevent any fall due to lost balance.

Repeat items from 1 – 4 for 20 times per side, then walk at your regular pace for 5 minutes and repeat the variations. Try to do at least 4 sets of these repetitions to get better results.

Thank you for reading us and enjoy your walking!