Butt workouts for at home

Butt workouts

Butt workouts 

We know, having a butt that looks great in your jeans is great, but also having healthy strong glutes is a crucial part of your workout routine.

If you want to get better at running or jumping, focusing on these muscles is essential. Of course, a nice-looking bottom is a plus. Even simple tasks like standing up for long periods of time and walking upstairs will get much easier.

The good news is; you don’t need fancy equipment, or even a gym membership, to work on your glute muscles. We’ve listed all our top butt workouts that you can do at home below.

Side note: you can add dumbbells and kettlebells to help intensify these workouts.

Butt exercises

  1. Bottoms-up lunge 

This is like your average lunge, however, as the name suggests, it focuses on your bottom. As you stand up, try not to push off the floor. Rather, you should use your glutes and hamstrings to support yourself. It’s this little shift that will help you massively.

  1. Hip drive 

Sit on your knees, put your legs together so that your bum is on your heels. This is a common pose that you’ll easily be able to do. Make sure that you use a yoga mat or a comfy surface so that your knees and legs are okay.

The movement: Rise and drop, until you start to feel the burn. Basically, go from one kneeling position to another kneeling position.

  1. Glute bridge 

Lie face up with your knees bent. Ensure that your feet are shoulder-width apart. Raise your hips so that your back is parallel to the floor. You should look similar to a bridge – hence the name.

Lower yourself gently, and repeat the rise.

Obviously, make sure that you’re on a comfy, soft surface. You don’t want to hurt your back with this exercise.

  1. Marching hip lift 

Again, lie face up with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Tense your abs – it’ll also help with these too. Mutually beneficial.

Lift your hips as you squeeze your glues together, then raise your right foot slightly off the ground, and straighten your leg.

Lower your foot and repeat this on each side. Keep squeezing your glutes and strengthen your stomach to help achieve the pose.

  1. Chair squat jump 

You’ll already be aware of all the benefits of a great squat. However, a chair squat jump only maximizes this.

You’ll need a chair or bench for this move. Sit on your chair (don’t get too comfortable), and using your glutes, you need to jump straight up.

We hope these butt workouts help you in your bottom journey. Remember, always focus your fitness on getting better and stronger. Sure, it might help you achieve your dream “bikini body”, but it will also make the day to day activities easier and sporting much more comfortable.

Let us know if these exercises aid you in your daily workouts, and if there’s anything that we’ve missed. Make sure to let us know.

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