Cardio workout doesn’t have to be running

Cardio workout

Cardio workout

Running is great, we won’t try and deny it. However, it’s not the only cardio workout. To be a serial runner takes a lot of time, effort and determination. Runners really are a special kind of breed – they prosper in situations where they push themselves. Every time their feet hit the pavement, the “runners high” kicks in.

The competitiveness and dedication that running takes does mean it isn’t a favorite for many.  Whether its physical limitations, weather, injury or time, running just isn’t the number one cardio workout for some. So, what do you do when jogging doesn’t quite cut it anymore, and running isn’t an option?

Here’s how to get your cardio in, without running.


This is one of our favorite alternatives because it’s honestly one of the most natural, most fun and most accessible cardio workouts. Even for people with injuries can enjoy a nice bike ride.

Cycling, whether it’s outside or inside, will undoubtedly build up your strength, help you lose weight and introduce a new form of exercise.


Another low impact cardio workout impact is swimming. Again, this can be a super fun little activity, and when done correctly, can actually prove to a really excellent workout.

It just goes to show, if you’ve suffered an injury, you can still enjoy a cardio workout. Obviously, always check with your doctor first before exercising with an injury.

Aerobic exercises

If the weather is gloomy, or you can’t be bothered leaving your house – pop on a YouTube video on your living room and blast out aerobic exercises.

You can even join an aerobic fitness class. You’ll undoubtedly get your heart pumping and the sweat dripping. It’s super fun, it’s, and there are tonnes of content, and resources around – you’ll never get bored.


You don’t have to be a pro – it’s just a little something different. Of course, you can dance around your room to music.

Our best tip for you is to go to dancing lessons or watch dance workout videos. This will maximize how effective your workout is.

Dancing, combined with a good diet and proper nutrition can help you lose weight.

Jump Rope

It’s a simple workout, and only requires one object and can be performed in large rooms or outdoors.

Believe it or not, jump rope exercises create an intense cardio workout, and burn tonnes of calories.

Jump rope is as straightforward or as hard as you make it. As you get better, you can even use a weighted jump rope.

We love trying to incorporate music and routine into our jump rope workout sessions.

Sure, running might be your love, and nothing will ever replace it. Having more options for the cardio workout is never a negative thing.

For some, running just isn’t an option, or it’s not their favorite thing to do. That’s completely fine too. Your workout routine is personal to you – experiment a little bit, and find what works for you.

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