The Different Models Of Punching Bag Stands and Heavy Bags

punching bag

Punching bags are the best way to make your muscles strong and your bones more resistant. Even better is the fact there are a lot of different models, so they can be used by beginners and by professional athletes. In any case, these products are more than just useful, so they are a great addition if you are addicted to exercising. At the same time, these products are more than needed if you are into boxing and similar sports. In addition, they can be used at home, or you can go at a gym. The fact there are different models, with different specifications makes these products even better.


Speedbags are small bags, designed for quick exercises. You have seen them in most movies related to boxing. At the same time, they are the most affordable products of this type. In addition, they can be used at home, due to the fact they occupy a very little space.

Heavy bags

These bags come in different sizes and with different specifications. Most models shave a different weight, so you should start with a lower weight and increase it, once you are ready, In addition, some are made for professional applications. Usually the weight starts at 40 pounds, but there are smaller bags as well. The ideal weight is 70 pounds, but you are going to need a lot of time, until you reach this weight. Keep in mind that exercising with the heaviest bag at the beginning can cause certain injuries so this should be avoided. After you build up the muscles and your bones are stronger, you can start using the heaviest bags.

Some bags are made for occasional use, so they are made from less-quality materials, so they cannot withstand rough use. On the other side, some of them are designed for professional uses, so they can withstand everyday use and they are very resistant.This should be chosen, correspondingly. For example, if you are planning to exercise every day, or you are a professional boxer, you are going to need a professional heavy bag. On the other side, if you are going to use occasionally, an average bag will be more than just good. In addition, the professional bags are more expensive and they can reach $200.

Punching bag stands

These products are also more than just useful and they come in different variations. Simply said, you can get a punching bag that looks like a doll, so it can promote exercising. On the other side, there are models that are an ordinary bag on a stand. Experts recommend that if you are practicing martial arts, you are going to need a doll stand, due to the fact it is made to look like a human, so your punches are going to be more precise. At the same time, these products are more compact that heavy bags and they can be used at home, without a need to hang them somewhere.