Does Trekking Help to Lose Weight


No doubt! Trekking plays a vital role to lose weight. People are spending a luxurious life and getting fat. Fat may bring lots of different diseases. So, everyone is thinking to lose weight to stay healthy and fit. There are lots of clubs for fitness and so many different things to do that will make you lose weight.

Playing sports and gym clubs are regular places for physical activities which keep healthy. You might visit these and do physical starch. But if you go out on your holiday and worried about weight, trekking could be best to enjoy nature as well as lose your weight.

Trekking to the mountain is not an easy walk. There are lots of up and down hills which make trekkers plenty sweet. People chose different destinations as their interest and budget. Trekking to European and American Alps are popular destinations to the trekkers. Besides them, Himalayan and nature hiking could be the best which help to lose weight.

Nepal is one of the most famous Himalayan trekking hubs in the world. Millions of external and internal trekkers would be walking to the Nepalese mountains during high seasons.

Adventure Trekking Routes in Nepal to Lose Weight

Adventure means not easy trekking routes. High mountain passes are the adventure packages in Nepal. These adventure packages are long treks which are longer than 2 weeks. Trekkers need to have well physical fitness for adventure treks.

People lose appetite in higher elevation and hard walk so these things help a lot to lose weight. Everest high passes trek, Cho la pass trek and Renjo la pass trek in the Everest adventure treks. Annapurna circuit trek, Nar-Phu trek, Tilicho Lake Trek is Annapurna adventure treks. Manaslu Circuit and Tsum valley treks are the Manaslu adventure treks. Kanchenjunga trek and more adventure treks are in Nepal which helps to lose weight to the trekkers.

Popular Moderate Trekking Routes in Nepal to Lose Weight

People who often hike to the hills and mountains, moderate trekking packages are good to try. Bigger numbers to trekkers in Nepal are for the moderate because these are not very difficult.  The most popular trekking Everest base camp trek is an example of the moderate trek. Annapurna base camp trek, Langtang Gosaikunda trek, Upper Mustang trek, Gokyo Lake Trek are also the moderate level trekking packages in Nepal which help to lose weight.

Short and Easy Trekking Routes in Nepal to Lose Weight

Short and easy trekking packages don’t take trekkers to the mountain base camps. These packages also offer scenic mountain views and more. It helps to get fit and fine and lose weight.

The biggest numbers of trekkers in Nepal are for short and easy trekking. These packages are recommended to family, elderly, students and the first time trekkers. Adventure and moderate treks can be done during high season, but short and easy trekking can be dong even winter.

Ghorepani Poon hill trek, Everest view trek, Chisapani Nagarkot trek, Langtang valley trek, Tamang heritage trek and more short and easy trekking packages are famous in Nepal.

One Day Hike to Lose Weight

All the people might not get a long holiday for the trek. One day hike around a big city like in Kathmandu and Pokhara are good to try to those people. One day hike takes to the hill and nature near the city centre and brings back within a couple of hours. This type of hiking also helps to lose weight. Hiking is getting popular among young fellows nowadays.

Nagarkot Changunarayan hike, Champadevi hike, Jamacho hike, Shivapuri day hike, Kakani Suryachaur hike and more day hiking routes are popular trails near Kathmandu valley. Sarangkot hike, world peace stupa hike, and more day hike can be done from Pokhara.

Hiking and trekking are good options to lose weight. These activities are physical stress and sweet a lot and lose fat. Not only lose weight but trekking and hiking also keep mind fresh taking out of the noisy and crowed of the cities.

So, what do you think about Trekking?