Fitness & Daily Living – Why Is It Important To Be Fit?


“I’m stressed”, “I have work pressure”, “I’m having difficulties in sleeping”, “I cannot prepare for exams” are common words uttered by almost everyone in recent days. Due to the advancement of technology and in this competitive world, everyone is feeling stressed. Schools, colleges, offices and all places have become competitive, and you have to work hard to match up with others around you. While you keep concentrating on your studies or work, you skip giving importance to your health and fitness. Many of you are engaged with too much of the work and the priority given to physical activity, and fitness is always less. When asked about fitness, the response is “I do not have time for exercise”.


What is fitness?

Involving in physical activities and keeping your mind and body healthy is known as fitness. “I exercise everyday” is commonly said by everyone when we talk about fitness. Fitness is not just doing an exercise. Involving in physical activities is good, but your mind also needs to be fit. Keeping your body and mind tuned is the actual fitness.


Importance of Physical & Mental Fitness in your busy life

What do you do as soon as you wake up in the morning? Brush, bathe, eat and work? When you can make this as a routine, why not include exercise and fitness in your routine. There are many who start taking up exercise serious for first few days and forget them later. You need to know that fitness has a good impact on your lifestyle and daily living. Do not neglect it. Being fit, has many good impacts on you.

  • You will look good
  • You will look young
  • Your body weight is managed
  • It keeps most of the diseases away
  • Blood circulation is improved
  • It reduces the risk of cardiac diseases
  • You are active and healthy
  • Reduces stress and depression
  • Improves sleep
  • Live longer and healthier

Most of you are bothered about your physical appearance. When you are not fit, it lowers your self-confidence, and you will not have the courage to face the outside world. When you do exercise and involve in physical activities, you will look good. When your muscles and bones are active, it slows down the ageing look leaving you look young. It kills obesity, which is a life threatening complication that most of them face due to the change in the lifestyle and eating style. Bad health and poor fitness is a road to cardiac diseases, cancer and many other diseases. You can keep them away, when your body is fit.

When you look and feel good about yourself, your mind will relax, and the concentration will automatic improved. When you have nothing to worry about, you can have a good and sound sleep.


Spend time for fitness

Even though you have so many things to do on a daily basis, try to prepare a fitness plan and spend few minutes of your valuable time to keep your mind and body fit.