Fitness Outside The Gym

Fitness Outside

Fitness Outside

As the summer approaches, more and more people tend to spend their free time on reshaping their bodies. Many of them turn to the gym. Those who are more creative tend to focus on some other activities which can also be as contributive as working out in the gym. These activities include running, swimming, bicycle riding, fast walking, walking your dog, and many more. Here are several ways to show you how you can get fitness outside and stay fit while not spending your time cooped up inside:

Running exercises

Now and then, everyone runs: whether it is to catch a bus, or if you forgot to turn off your oven, whether you are being chased by the neighbor`s dog or if you simply feel the need to run, you do run. It is one of those exercises that will activate most of your muscles while making you sweat all along. Running is also good for your heart, and some researches have shown that a 30 minute run per day can increase life expectancy by up to 10 percent.

Running should be performed with a constant change in tempo, starting slowly and increasing the tempo along the way. Every few hundred feet, it would be very effective to do a 100-150 feet sprint, and after that, continue at a slower pace. This will increase the strength of your muscles, improve blood circulation, and strengthen your abs in the process. Running is recommended for every single person; it does not only burn your body fat very quickly, it is also very healthy for releasing acids from your body and other toxic substances through sweat.

Bench exercises

There are several exercises one can do by using a park bench. One of those is bench climbing. To do this, simply move a few feet away from the bench, place your feet on the seat and start hill climbing exercises for about 30 seconds, by pulling your knees towards your chests. This exercise will improve your abs; it will also strengthen your leg muscles, your triceps and your knees. It is easy to perform and it can be done by anyone who doesn’t have a knee injury. The exercise is completely healthy and risk free.

You can also do bench step-ups, with one leg on the bench and the other on the ground. Just step up with your leg that is on the ground, and bring it closer to your chest. Repeat 30 times then switch your leg. This is also another great way to increase and strengthen your lower body and this exercise is recommended for everyone. It is also very productive to ask a personal trainer for advice or assistance. They are professionals who possess a lot of experience and knowledge in this field. Even hiring one is an option, if you are ready to pay extra. Feel free to ask them to show you exercises which you might want to do and how to do them in a proper way, and also ask for any creative ideas or ways which you can use to exercise, gain muscles, lose weight or any other goal which you want to achieve.

Swim, swim and swim

There is not much to be said, except that while swimming, every muscle in your body works at a high rate. This can get you ripped very quickly, and help you lose all the extra weight in no time. It is very good and recommended for all age groups, especially people with slow blood circulation and back problems. Also, exercises in the pool can help you stretch your ankles, and strengthen your cartilages.

Do you get to use fitness outside? What king of activities do you do?