How to Avoid Gym Injuries

avoid gym injuries

Going to the gym is exciting but it can be a bit scary if you’re just starting. You might feel intimidated when you see all those people working out, and some of them will undoubtedly be in better shape than you are. Your desire to get fit and prove your worth can give you motivation to push yourself to the limits – and end up hurt. Gym injuries are common, and besides making you stay away from the gym, they can also be rather dangerous. To avoid getting hurt, here is what you should pay attention to and keep in mind while you’re working out.

Skipping warm-up

Repeating an easy exercise numerous times before you move onto something more demanding may sound boring and so you decide to skip it completely. That’s a really bad idea. By doing these easy exercises, you warm up your body (literally) and prepare it for the high-intensity workout that is before you. You will never see an athlete not warming up before a serious race or a fight, they know how much your performance improves when you’ve had a chance to warm-up beforehand. These exercises do not take longer than fifteen minutes, and you can do pretty much anything: jogging, riding a stationary bike, stair climbing, sit ups, or swimming.

Make sure you’re doing it right

Incorrect technique is the number one leading cause of gym injuries. Just because it is easier for you to do the exercise one way, it doesn’t mean it is the right way. Not only do you risk hurting yourself in the process, but the results you are going to get are not going to be good. All this can lead to you taking long pauses, losing motivation, and quit going to the gym, but it can all be avoided. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a professional once you start working out, they are there to help people with their workout in the first place. Strive to achieve quality, not quantity, it will give the best results.

Proper nutrition

When you’re serious about your workout routine, you should pay attention to your diet as well. Proper nutrition helps your muscles develop and also leads to fat loss, making it easier for you to work out and not hurt yourself. Focusing on protein and avoiding added sugar should be your priorities, but you should take in enough vitamins too. Taking gym supplements can help you balance your diet and keep track of everything you’re taking in, thus avoiding excessive muscle tearing and joint injuries.

Too heavy

Lifting weights is a great exercise for your whole body, but in their attempts to get results quickly, people use too much weight and end up with serious pectoral injuries that makes them steer away from the gym for a while. If you cannot lift the weights from the ground relatively easy, you are going to have to jerk or heave a weight if you are going to lift it. If this is too much for your muscles, you will end up not only with a pectoral injury, but with hurt feet too, which can happen if you suddenly drop the weights on the floor.

“No pain, no gain” may sound like you should get hurt while working out, but in reality it’s not the case. Real workouts can be painful, you’re pushing yourself, lifting weights, running, and doing sit-ups and burpees until you feel like fainting, but in the end you should be exhausted, not seriously hurt. Be persistent but careful in the gym, you are there to get healthy, not hurt yourself.