Safe Exercise is a Good Exercise

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Most sports injuries occur when playing basketball or football, cycling and running. In short – the recreational sports that are most common and practiced, especially when the weather is nice. So, how can we avoid sports injuries?




Even when the weather is warm, you have to warm up.
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Before you start exercising, you must warm up and stretch your muscles. This must be done thoroughly. Only 10-15 minutes is enough to get your muscles ready for the activity. When it comes to sports activities, start slowly and gradually increase the pace. For example – if you want to go for a run – start with brisk walking and then slowly change your tempo to running. Please note that you need to warm up all muscle groups that will be active during the exercise!

When can I start with a stronger pace?

During the warm-up phase, the muscles and joints become more flexible, and the pulse accelerates, so that the heart sends a larger amount of oxygen to the muscles. When you slowly begin to sweat, it’s a sign that you can increase the pace of the exercise. Warming-up definitely reduces the risk of injuries and increases the efficiency of the exercise. Do not forget to cool down after a workout and relax!

Drink enough water

A sufficient amount of water is the basis of the proper functioning of the body, especially on hot summer days, as well as sports in which due to heavy sweating people lose a lot of fluids. Be sure to always provide your body with enough liquid, even the whole day before the training. When you want to work out, have a large amount of liquid with you, preferably water or isotonic drinks.

Dangerous sun

During the hot days, don’t do sports activities between 11:00 am and 16:00 pm, when the sun is the strongest and therefore the most dangerous. Do not forget the sunscreen, hat or cap and sunglasses. Wear lightweight and ventilated clothes. If you experience dizziness, nausea, and similar problems – be sure to see your doctor.

Safe exercise

Working with weights is an excellent way to gain more strength, but also a possible way to injure yourself, especially if you don’t do the exercise correctly. First and foremost, your workout should be safely done if you want a proper body development.

Do not overestimate yourself. You know better than to let yourself get carried away with the desire to work out harder than you’re capable of. This can cause a lot of injuries. Don’t copy what other people at the gym do but consult with a coach or some other competent person first.

If you’re trying out a new sport, especially if it’s adventure sport, it’s desirable to gather enough knowledge about it and practice it in the company of an experienced coach.

If you practice diving, do not dive deeper than 3 meters and always inspect the equipment before you dive. Follow the rules and instructions when you’re at the gym, beach or pool.

When you run, ride a bike or go roller-skating, follow the traffic regulations and signs and avoid uneven surfaces.

If you are sick or not feeling well, move sports activities for another day. Learn how to breathe correctly. Holding your breath for too long can cause dizziness.

Concentrate on what you’re doing. This is extremely important if you want to do your exercise right. If you’re in a busy gym, do not let anyone distract you from your own workout.


Protective equipment is intended to be used, so do not let the helmets, pads, guards, belts and other protective garments lie in the closet. There are many high quality protective gear in the market you should invest in. If you do get hurt though, but you don’t want to stop with your workout routine, you can use rocktape which is designed for muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support. Using tapes on problematic places can make your exercise or sport activity pain free.

If your equipment is damaged, have it repaired or simply replace it. Your sports bag should always be in perfect condition, with all the necessary gear in it, because that’s the only way you’ll be completely safe.

The most important thing when it comes to exercise is to exercise safely. If you decide to work out at home, make sure that there is enough space, because you don’t want any injuries caused by hitting yourself on some piece of furniture. And, of course, wear comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes while working out.