Staying Fit in Your Office

Staying Fit in Your Office

The modern world is quite hectic – with the ability to work from anywhere, people actually find themselves constantly chased by their very own jobs and, while this has boosted efficiency throughout the business world, it has left the modern-day professional with little time to exercise. Maintaining a proper level of fitness, however, is an important psychological and health factor, so you’ll be happy to learn that there are exercises that can be secretly done in your very office!

Staying Fit in Your OfficeThe Wall (Street) Sit

Keeping your legs and core fit can be done with nothing but, well, a wall! Simply stand with your back against it, bend your knees and slide down the wall, keeping your thighs parallel to the floor. Now sit and hold for a minute – it may sound easy, but this is a valid exercise! If this isn’t enough, cross your right ankle over the left knee and switch after 15 seconds for some extra burn!

The Wall Pushup

There is no fancy name behind this. While getting down on your knees in your suit and tie and doing wall pushups might not be the most brilliant idea within your office, using your wall to keep those pecs in shape is both easy and much less inconvenient. Simply stand up against the wall (after your wall (street) sit session) and lean forward until your palms are completely against the wall. Keep your arms straight and parallel to the ground and then bend the elbows until your body completely touches the wall. Make sure that your elbows are against your body when you touch the wall and after 12-15 reps, you’re good to go!

Staying Fit in Your OfficeThe Patient Printer

If you often get sent to the printer by your boss, it’s time to make the most out of this! Stand with your feet at your shoulder width and press up onto your toes, pause and slowly lower back down. Be careful not to overdo this exercise however – it may seem easy, but you rest assured that you won’t be able to get up from the bed tomorrow morning, should you instantly jump into more than 15 reps. Make your waits at the printer or the fax machine useful and more interesting!

The Seated Leg Raiser

This exercise is perfect if you aren’t comfortable with everyone in the office actually seeing you working out. While seated at your desk, simply straighten your leg and hold it in place for 5 or more seconds, slowly let your feet touch the floor and then switch. If you want to engage your abs too, try raising both legs simultaneously. No one will even notice that you’re exercising, but be careful not to touch your colleague sitting across from you, this may turn out awkward!

Staying Fit in Your OfficeThe Desk Chair Swivel

Is your very own office equipped with a swivel chair? If not, contact a commercial fittout specialist immediately and get one, because they aren’t only fun to have, but also quite useful for exercise. Perform this exercise by sitting upright with your feet hovering above the floor. Now hold the edge of your desk with your hands and use your core muscles to swivel the chair from side to side. Do this back and forth for 15 rounds and you’ll start feeling the burn!

The Perfect Posture Exercise

Not only is a perfect posture excellent for practicing safe office ergonomics, but it can also be used to help you exercise. Adjust your chair height to make sure that your feet, arms and hips are all at 90 degree angles to the floor and then engage your core to keep your back straight!

These exercises are easy to do and won’t take up too much of your time. Of course, these are no replacement for your regular gym exercise, but are excellent in terms of maintaining your level of fitness when your work schedule is making you miss out on your training sessions!


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