Toned legs at home… no equipment needed!


Lean, toned legs are a dream for most of us. But whether we like it or not, having those dream legs require effort, discipline and hard work! The good news is that you can get your legs in great shape at home, particularly now that we can’t go to a gym.

So, are you ready to get the legs of your dreams? If you are, let’s get started!

This routine should be done repeating each exercise 15 times and repeating the whole set 3 – 5 times depending on your fitness level. If you don’t have enough strength at this time, you can start with 8 repetitions of each exercise and build up as you get stronger.

In order to increase your heart rate after each exercise, do 50 repetitions of each cardio exercise. So let’s start.

  1. Squat

Standing with your legs opened at your shoulder’s width, bend your legs and bring your butt down. Remember that you have to stick your butt out and ensure your knees do not go over the tip of your toes and your feet are facing forward.



Pro tip: if you feel strong enough and want to add more resistance, use a heavy object such as water gallons and hold them with your hands at waist level.

  • Cardio: jumping jacks (jump spreading your legs wide and move your hands over your head and clap).
  1. Side squat

Start in a standing position, legs closed and move to a squat position moving your right leg to the right, move your butt down and when going up, return to standing position. Do 15 moves to the right, and then 15 to the left.

Side squat

Pro tip: same as with the squat, hold a heavy object to add resistance.

  • Cardio: jump ropes (without a rope). Jump up and down with your feet together and move your hands as if you were moving a rope. In addition to doing cardio, this will help toning your calves.
  1. Scissor legs plank

Start in a plank position and jump spreading your feet and close back to the start position. Be aware of not moving your hip up, try to keep the plank position as best as you can.

Scissor legs plank

Pro tip: put a paper towel under each foot and glide opening and closing your legs.

  • Cardio: move your knees as high as you can alternating each leg. Right knee – left knee = one count.
  1. Climbers

Start in a plank position and move your right knee towards your chest, then put it back in the original position and switch to the left leg. The goal is to make the movement dynamic, as if you were jogging. The count here is right knee – left knee = one count.


Pro tip: when bringing your knee to the chest, direct it to the opposite side of your chest to create a slight core rotation.

  • Cardio: repeat jumping jacks to close the circuit.

These simple, yet effective exercises can help you in toning your legs, but it’s important to remember to keep a good alignment to prevent injuries, do a warmup and don’t forget to stretch once you’re done.

The toned legs of your dreams are closer than you think! Don’t wait any longer and start doing this routine at home.

Happy work out!