How Does Your Workout Environment Influence Your Goals?


Have you ever thought whether your workout environment makes any impact on your workout goals? Is it better to work out inside or outside? What about sunny and rainy days? The street, the park, or the outskirts of the city? Any type of exercising is beneficial, but perhaps performances differ due to various environment settings and weather conditions? Working out outdoors can help decrease stress and improve energy levels to a greater extent than exercising inside.


Working out inside is a better solution for those who live in a concrete environment, because cities are prone to pollution. Alongside other polluting factors, it may trigger asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems. Also, working out in a gym has that social aspect of training among other people or with a partner, which can positively affect you in terms of greater motivation for exercising. Some days, just getting to the gym seems like an accomplishment.

By working out in a gym, you can get an effective and safe workout led by a fitness instructor, who can stay accountable, teach you proper cues, and show you fresh and innovative workout possibilities. Even the design of the gym can affect your motivation and productivity. For example, by using feng shui rules and techniques to place the machines, the gym can be a more enjoyable place to stay in, which is important. Training means hard work and people should feel completely relaxed and able to focus on their progress. With additional gym advantages, such as saunas, pools and hot showers, you can have your muscles relaxed for a proper workout finish.


On the other side, training outdoors also has its benefits – increased energy, decreased anger, and feelings of revitalization. Exercising outside can have a positive effect on your aliveness, sense of enthusiasm, energy and vitality. When exposed to the sun, you attain necessary Vitamin D, which is essential to a healthy immune system and strong bones. What is required for Vitamin D synthesis? Research suggests that 5-30 minutes of sun exposure during the 10AM-3PM period, twice a week, in enough for the synthesis.

However, if you decide to work out outside, a variety of issues can be posed by the weather. You should know to recognize the symptoms of heat exhaustion and dehydration, if sweating during hot summer days. In conditions of extreme cold, you should stay warm by wearing multiple layers of clothes and know the early signs of hypothermia and frostbite.

Levels of Physical Activity in Built Areas

Adults who cycle more for transportation and live in walkable communities have higher levels of total physical activity, as opposed to those who live in suburban areas that are low-walkable. People who live near recreational facilities and parks generally do more recreational physical activity. With these facilities at hand, it is easier for people to follow their workout program and stay on course towards their exercise goals.

The importance of the vicinity of the right environments is especially important and visible in children. With enough parks in the neighborhood, physical activity among the youth certainly rises. Adolescents and young people walk or cycle to school thanks to living in a walkable neighborhood.

Choosing the right surroundings for performing your exercise regimen can mean a great deal to your progress. When you practice your body, you also practice your mind and they need to be in balance. Working out on a sunny day, on the grass and among the trees, will boost your self-confidence and motivate you better than doing it on a rainy day in a non-walkable area that’s polluted and overcrowded. In that case, finding a gym that is designed and organized properly is the only solution. Stay productive and make the most of your workouts.