Eating For Longevity : 5 Diet Changes to Extend Your Life

Eating For Longevity

Everyone wants to be healthy, but few people these days are. It isn’t for lack of trying, of course. More people are going to the gym than ever before. The problem is our nutrition. The average person’s diet is at least fifty percent junk food, and many more people rely almost exclusively on food that has very little nutritional value. Why is this? Some say it is more convenient, and to an extent this is true. Fast food is a quick alternative to healthy home cooked meals. It is also laziness, however. When you eat nothing but junk, your body cannot perform to the best of its ability and you feel fatigued. This in turn makes you lazy and unwilling to change.

Change is the only solution, however. No exercise regimen in the world can outwork a bad diet. Healthy diets used to be common sense, but nowadays it seems as if every piece of nutritional information is contradicted by something else. In “Eating For Longevity”, we give you 5 diet changes to extend your life.

1Junk Food Is Poison For The Body

First, avoid junk food like the plague. This includes most frozen foods, pre-packaged items, fast foods, and desserts. For most people, an occasional indulgence leads to more “occasional” indulgences. Cheat days are only for people who can control themselves, and this takes time. At any rate, I find that once I started eating healthy I not only stopped craving junk food, but when I did eat it again it didn’t taste very good.