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These days, it’s difficult to purchase food from the grocery store that isn’t overloaded with processed, man-made sugar. Sugar is added to practically any processed food because people love sugar! Unfortunately, the amount of added sugar in food has increased over decades as consumers have gained a higher tolerance for sweet flavors. Between the constant increase in added sugar and their high tolerance, people have become addicted to sugar without realizing it. Now, it’s very difficult to eat food without sugar or to cut sugar out of our diets completely. The key to eating healthy foods without added sugar is to consume and use foods with natural, healthy sugar, or simple sugar, in them. Check the article 4 Ways How Sugar Make Us Obese.

Fruits commonly have a high source of simple sugar, as well as nectars and some vegetables. See how…


Most fruits contain a higher amount of natural sugar than many other foods. Apples are a great source of sugar, and they work as a sweetener in juice, in baking and even in savory entrees. Berries are also a great food for adding sweetness to a meal. There are many recipes online for creating syrup with berries, which can be added to baked goods and sauces.

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