5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism All Day Long

5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism All Day Long

Abour Your Metabolism

You probably don’t need to be a professor at Harvard to know that your metabolism becomes sluggish as you age. As if that is not enough, to some extent your gender and genetics predetermine the speed at which your body in burns calories. An average American woman gains 2 pounds per year enough to cause problems in their 50’s. Declaring warfare to the roller coaster of hormones and stress that connive to slow her metabolism could mean being fortunate to see their grandkids or being not so fortunate.

For starters what is metabolism? It is the process by which the food we ingest is assimilated into our bodies to produce energy.

Here is how you can boost your metabolism by consuming metabolism accelerating food.

1Eat enough

Rolling out of bed can be intimidating. Even worse, the gods of inclement weather are smiling your way.  With a good breakfast (failure to which your body kicks in into hostile mode) a whammy day is within vicinity.  As a result of consuming way too less than what your body needs to function properly, you prompt it to slow down your metabolism. A hearty breakfast triggers your body to open the doors of blessings making you energetic throughout the day.