Don’t strive for skinny


Skinny VS Healthy

As the summer approaches, there’s a clear focus in the fitness industry, and society – it’s time to get skinny.

With “fit teas” on Instagram, and summer body memes, it seems like it’s time to shed weight and become bikini body ready. We all fail to realize that if you have a body, you have a bikini body. Obviously, by playing on our insecurities, people make money – but we lose more than just weight.

The wrong focus

It’s not that it’s wrong to want to better yourself and be more confident. If you’re not happy with the way you look, taking steps to change, that could be wonderful for your mental health.

However, the focus on being skinny rather than being healthy is where we make the first mistake. This is where unhealthy teas, appetite suppressant lollipops, and military diets gain their popularity. Which, as we all know, can be extremely dangerous.

Society’s obsession with being skinny, which predominately affects women, has dangerous consequences. It leads to unhealthy obsessions, and in some cases, eating disorders. For this reason, we want anybody reading this to start focusing on being healthy rather than skinny.

Below are some ways that you can shift your mindset.  

  1. Don’t let yourself go hungry

If your body is hungry – it’s telling you something. The good news is, if you fill your diet with healthy foods, you shouldn’t get hungry as often. If you are getting hungry often, you need to eat more.

Swapping fast food and unhealthy processed food for healthy, rich alternatives will make your body feel better.

Skipping meals might make you lose weight, but it’s not healthy, and it won’t make you feel good.

  1. Don’t set a deadline

We often say that we have a specific date to hit our weight loss goals. Setting a deadline isn’t the way to look at a healthy lifestyle.

Being healthy should never end – you shouldn’t go back to your old ways after a holiday, for example.

Don’t take any notice in the number on a calendar.

  1. Ignore the scale

Another number you should ignore is the one on the scale. Your weight is not a great indicator of how healthy you are. In fact, as you become healthier and more toned, you can actually become heavier in weight. This doesn’t mean you’ll look bigger in any way, though.

If you’re eating well and exercising, you don’t need a scale.

  1. Enjoy your exercises

Lastly, exercising shouldn’t be a chore for you. If you hate doing a particular exercise, and you dread it – cut it out.

Mix up your exercise routine – cardio and strength. It might take a little bit of time to find what you love doing, but once you find it – keep at it.

All in all, always enjoy switching to a healthier lifestyle. Don’t focus on being skinny, focus on being healthy. This meaningful shift in attitude will undoubtedly change your life and body for the better.

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