Emotional and Physical Consequences of Tooth Decay

Emotional and Physical Consequences of Tooth Decay by simplydentalchatswood.com.au

Tooth Decay

Are you having any issue with tooth decay? Wise people say that your health begins in your mouth. Smart people listen to those wise ones and heal their teeth as soon as they feel any problems. Moreover, when you start feeling toothache, it is a bit late, because the condition of your teeth has already been deteriorated. This is why is extremely important to go for regular teeth check-ups. If you are still having second thoughts about visiting a dentist, have a look at the following health problems that bad teeth can cause.

Emotional and Physical Consequences of Tooth Decay by simplydentalchatswood.com.auBreathing issues

According to a study conducted by experts from Yale University, there is a clear link between periodontal diseases and breathing problems. By this we do not mean only bad breath, but serious difficulties with the respiratory system. The main problem lies in the bacteria that can be carried from the teeth and the gums to the lungs. The worst consequence of such a scenario for the patients with teeth cavities and gum diseases is that they can come down with bronchitis or even pneumonia. Therefore, if your want to prevent your respiratory system from being exposed to harmful bacteria from your mouth, it is necessary to undergo regular teeth-healing treatments and check-ups.

Heart threats

It is not only the lungs and the respiratory system that can be affected by harmful bacteria caused by periodontal diseases. Those microorganisms also pose a great threat to your heart and the circulatory system, as well. The dental plaque bacteria can cause clots in your blood vessels [source], which increase the risk of heart issues, such as the heart attack. The main problem is the protein that enhances the creation of the clot in the blood.Emotional and Physical Consequences of Tooth Decay by simplydentalchatswood.com.au

In addition, if those plaque bacteria end up in the carotid artery – the one that connects that heart and the brain – the threat to your heart becomes even more dangerous. Now the brain is also in danger, since such clots can cause a stroke, too. Again, the only cure for those heart-related issues caused by tooth decay is dental prevention.

Stomach ulcers and cancer

Claiming that an ordinary cavity can cause cancer would simply be irresponsible and incorrect. However, it has been proven that people who seriously neglect their teeth are exposed to a higher risk of stomach ulcers and cancer. Again, the perpetrators are the bacteria that sink down from your mouth to the stomach and there they react with the microorganisms in the gut flora. The most obvious symptom that something undesired might be going on in your stomach is incurable bad breath. If you notice that bad breath persists even after you have meticulously washed your teeth, you should immediately visit your dentist, recommend the dentist Chastwood specialists.

Stomach ulcers and cancer

Social consequences

If you keep neglecting your teeth, you will simply lose them. Although there is always an alternative, like ordering dentures and making up for the lost natural teeth, it is always better to keep your own teeth. Tooth loss can affect your self-confidence, as well as your social roles. For instance, a person who has to work with people could be struck badly by tooth loss. When people lose a tooth or a few teeth, they also develop various physical tics and twitches to cover the toothless area. The bottom line is that tooth miss changes your personality and your body more than you would like to. Also, you can learn more about the emotional aspect of tooth loss in a study published on Nature.com.

Emotional and Physical Consequences of Tooth Decay by simplydentalchatswood.com.au

Keeping your teeth in order is one of the achievements of the 20th century culture and medicine. This is why it is important to take good care of your teeth by regular brushing and using different protective features. The moment you feel the slightest inconvenience with your teeth, you should immediately make an appointment with your dentist, so as to prevent any other potential health issues.

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