Energy Drinks: The Harmful Side Effects and Easy Solutions


Energy Drinks: The Harmful Side Effects and Easy Solutions

When you’re heading to the gym, what do you drink for energy? A grande coffee from your favorite coffee shop? A “sport drink” from the grocery store? An energy drink from the local convenience store? If you are drinking any of those before or after your workout, you’re filling your body with massive amounts of two harmful ingredients: sugar and caffeine. Sure, you may have a spike in energy, but there are natural ways to get energy that won’t cause your health to deteriorate.

1How Sugar Harms Your Health

When you drink a sugary energy drinks, you get a huge spike in your blood sugar, which is what’s causing your energy to increase. That may seem helpful for your long workout, but that’s your body’s way of trying to use all the calories from that sugar because that much shouldn’t be there in the first place. Any calories that don’t get burned from exercise are stored as fat cells that your body can use later on. When there is a spike in blood sugar, your body also releases the chemical insulin, which is used to regulate your blood sugar. If you continually create a spike in blood sugar from daily or weekly energy drinks, your body will eventually become immune to insulin. This is how Type II Diabetes develops. What’s the point of working out so hard if you ingest all of that sugar?