Essential Oils: Health Benefits and How to Use Them


Essential Oils: Health Benefits and How to Use Them

Just about any spice or herb you can imagine can be turned into an essential oil. This is great because there are many benefits that come with using essential oils as part of your everyday lifestyle. While essential oils are perfect for diffusing and making your home smell amazing, you can use them for a variety of health benefits such as massaging sore muscles, using them in aromatherapy to calm anxiety, or even improving your digestive system and metabolism. While it hasn’t been proven yet if essential oils can cure diseases, they’re very useful in maintaining a healthy body.


The most common use of essential oils is for aromatherapy, which means using certain scents and fragrances to create a specific mood. Aromatherapy is often used to relieve stress or to calm anxiety, but it can also be used to straighten out mood swings or to feel more energized. Lavender is a popular essential oil used to relax an overactive mind. Cardamom essential oil is another great scent for creating a sense of clarity. If you are suffering from mood swings during menstruation, clary sage essential oil is believed to help remedy a short temper. Diffusers are easy to find at any store that sells home goods, and they’re relatively cheap. Simply place a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a diffuser, and let the natural scents ease your mind.