Losing weight cycling: make the most of it

Losing weight cycling: make the most of it by wildfirebikes.com.au

If you are thinking about losing a few pounds and improving your shape, cycling is certainly an activity to be taken into serious consideration. There are at least three major reasons for this. Cycling is highly effective when it comes to long term weight loss, it does not require too much preparation to start and above all it is a fun thing to do. Let us explain this in more detail.

Losing weight cycling: make the most of it by wildfirebikes.com.auWhy cycling in the first place?

Cycling is a type of exercise practically anyone can do, regardless of age and current shape. It could be a solo or a group effort, it is a low impact exercise and one of rare repetitive activities that does not damage joints but rather strengthens them. On top of that, cycling practically strengthens the entire body since it involves the majority of muscles. All in all, it is a perfect example of an all-round beneficial physical activity.

When to start?

There is no reason to delay anything, start immediately. Perhaps the best way to get the feel of it is to start cycling to and back from work. Make it a slow tempo activity in the beginning and let your body get familiar with what is required from it just to feel balanced and on a firm ground while you are up on your bike. Naturally, the longer and faster you go the more calories you will burn. However, even with slow tempo casual rides you will lose weight, make no mistake about it. On top of that, not only will you exercise and benefit from fresh air, you will save money on gas or a bus ticket, as well.

Losing weight cycling: make the most of it by wildfirebikes.com.auSet goals

Once you are feeling comfortable going to and back from work effortlessly, it is time to move on to the next phase. Also, this could be your starting point if pedaling to work is inconvenient. Remember that cycling is a repetitive activity and that the best weight loss achievements rely on the frequency of the activity and its duration. Therefore, set up inspiring goals. For example, a 10km ride. Then, a 10km ride for 5 minutes less. However, be realistic and do not put too much stress on your body, the idea is to set achievable goals not to get hurt trying to achieve them or having to make a couple of days break because you put too much strain on your muscles.


Achieving goals is impossible without motivation. If the ones that you set prove to be unreachable, set more achievable ones and build up your way towards the more difficult ones. Also, if you are losing only a small amount of weight after every route you rode, do not forget that cycling is all about frequency and repetition and never lose sight of the fact that gradual but continual weight loss is the healthiest way to get to the desired shape.

Overcoming difficulties

If you happen to live in an area where the terrain is steep and often makes cycling hard for you, or you lack the endurance to complete the distances you set your mind to, do not give up on the whole cycling idea yet. There is a practical solution that will enable you to enjoy cycling and overcome the terrain difficulties and distances. Electric bikes will enable you to ride a bike and at the same time rely on them to do the extra work when needed. You will lose weight and not put too much strain on your body, avoiding injuries at the same time.

Losing weight cycling: make the most of it by wildfirebikes.com.au

Although the number of calories you will burn does depend on the cycling pace and distances crossed do not forget that the essence of the sport is having fun and being out in the fresh air. Even the smallest distances and slowest paces will result in weight loss, as long as the activity is continual. Therefore, pick up you own pace, gradually increase the distance and cycle regularly. Rest assured that the weight loss will be long term and achieved in a healthy manner.