The Mouth-Body Connection- How Oral Hygiene Affects Our Health

Oral Hygiene

The world of medicine is constantly advancing. Every year we see new breakthroughs in curing, treating and diagnosing medical conditions. This is especially seen in the ways we think about the causes and connections between some illnesses. Years ago, doctors wouldn’t ever connect heart disease with gum infection and respiratory problems with bacteria in your mouth, but today we are fully aware that these things can be connected.

We know that bad oral hygiene can lead to a more serious health condition than an inflamed tooth, we have learned that some oral conditions directly cause other health problems and so on. But what are the most common mouth-body connections? In this article, we will give you some examples of connections between oral hygiene and the rest of your body and how it can cause serious health conditions.

1Heart problems

Heart problems also share a connection with bad oral hygiene, at least according to the 2005 study from the University of Florida. There’s no conclusive evidence to link these two together because they share other health problems like diabetes, old age, etc., but scientists are pretty sure that the harmful bacteria from your mouth can enter the bloodstream and end up forming plaque in your arteries.

Another possible connection is with infected gums that cause body inflammation, which is one of the risk factors for the heart disease. Even though it will take a while to confirm these connections people shouldn’t ignore gum problems. Bacteria that gum infection produces are certainly not good for your heart.