Paying Less For More Pure Syrup and Pure Organic

Pure syrup and pure organic

Pure syrup and pure organic

Stores and groceries give us a lot of choices. When looking for syrup, for example, there is so much to choose from. There are those labelled pure, pure organic, and flavoured. Who doesn’t want to choose the best? As customers, we’d always want to have the most delicious, healthy, and beneficial. So how to get more from pure syrup and pure organic?

There is not much of a difference between these choices. Pure syrup and pure organic syrup both come from the tapped sap of a plant. However, pure organic syrup is labelled as such only after it passes tests and verification of Quality Assurance International, bears the USDA seal, and is issued an Organic Certification.

Why does being organic and all these matter when there are cheaper ones that almost taste the same? That is because this character of the product makes it better and beneficial.

Below are just some of its benefits:

  • Improves the immune system.
  • Delays or prevents diseases caused by free radicals.
  • Keeps the heart healthy.
  • Lacks in harmful side effects
  • Helps metabolic processes
  • Speeds up weight loss the healthy way
  • Reduces food appetite

BRI Nutrition’s Yacon Syrup has been proven effective in all these. It is made from a tuberous root called yacon or Peruvian ground apple, and could be taken plain, powdered, or in syrup form. Research shows that the plant promotes probiotic function in the body as well as a balanced digestion as it naturally contains fructooligosaccharides (FOS).

With such a powerful fibre, yacon syrup is considered to be a very effective in weight loss without the negative side-effect of frayed nerves. Unlike caffeine which makes one jittery and nervous after intake, yacon syrup increases the efficiency of one’s digestive system. This results to an increase in energy level without having to store excess body fat. The best part of the deal is that you can use it even long after you have hit your target weight! No need to worry about side effects because it is completely natural and plant-based.

With that much benefit, the higher price is definitely worth it!

If you would like to purchase one, you could visit to do so. BRI Nutrition’s guaranteed pure organic Yacon Syrup is not only FDA-recommended, but processed in USDA and GMP-approved facilities as well so you are assured of its quality. After all, you deserve nothing less than the best. And don’t worry! BRI Nutrition’s Yacon Syrup contains no traces of soy, dairy, wheat, flour, or gluten,

Go healthy. Go pure organic.


Author Bio: Ashley Sotelo is mainly a teacher, an English teacher to be exact, as well as a writer. She has also worked as a news writer and a radio broadcaster in her locality. She considers herself a logophile—a lover of words, and greatly enjoys writing about virtually anything and everything under the sun as a hobby. At present, she resides off the Western shores and is working on a short film as well as her debut book, both of which will be released soon. She’s currently writing for BRI Nutrition whose sole purpose is to provide safe and natural supplements.