Ways sex is making you a healthier person

Ways sex is making you a healthier person by maxblack.com.au

Connection between sex and health, the amazing effects.

So I casually walk into the office after an all-nighter in the sack with my current lover and everyone compliments me –

Hey, did you change your hair?
Have you lost weight?
You are glowing, what’s up?
You are smokin’ today!

…and I didn’t even wear makeup! Obviously, I was stunned. I am pretty hot; I’ll admit but I rarely have people be so blunt about it. But a few months ago, they started this trend, and I didn’t stop them. And I honestly never connected the dots of their compliments and my sex life, at all.

As my sex life progressed and my partner and I continued seeing each other almost five days a week (and counting almost triple the orgasms, both ways), everyone at the office kept praising me for my looks. They were on and on about my glow, my posture, they kept saying I was oozing happiness and confidence. At that time, I hadn’t changed anything about my lifestyle (except getting myself a partner, right?) but the compliments kept coming, anyway.

7-types-of-kisses-and-their-meaning-1It was a month into my relationship when I had my hair appointment; nervously flipping through the pages of a random magazine, waiting for the hair color to sit in, I stumbled upon an article exploring the connection between sex and health, placing accent on the amazing effect this rather pleasurable activity has on our overall being.

The text instantly caught my attention. Reading it, I gathered that sex:

1Keeps the Immune System Humming

Having sex regularly defends your body against viruses, germs and other intruders. Researchers found that, compared to people who had sex less often, those who had sex once or twice a week had higher levels of a certain antibody that protected their immune system from deteriorating.

Sex and intimacy can boost levels of happiness as well as your self-esteem. During sex, the body and mind are processing various emotions and sensations, and after you climax – you go into a state of relief, fulfilment and profound joy.