Food Swaps: changes that make the most difference to your health

Food Swaps

Food Swaps

Sometimes, your weight loss plans don’t have to be an extreme do-over. They can simply be natural food swaps and lifestyle change. You see, the thought of revamping your entire diet and exercise routine can be extremely daunting. That’s why a simple swap can be extremely beneficial.

Basically, you can just ditch the junk food for healthier alternatives. Who knew that small tweaks to your diet can make such a big difference to your health?

Simple food swaps: Here are the everyday foods you can swap for healthier alternatives.

  1. Plain potato for sweet potato

Planning on munching down on a jacket potato? Why not swap your plain potato for sweet potato? It’s still easy and cheap to make and it actually tastes so much nicer (although that’s a personal opinion).

Unlike regular potatoes, which a starchy food, sweet potatoes count as your five a day. Keep the skin on for an extra boost of fiber too.

  1. White rice for Cauli rice

While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with white rice, brown rice is just a better alternative. Cauliflower rice is just as tasty, makes fantastic meals, and helps to reduce your calorie intake.

It also, obviously, ups your veg count – something you should always be trying to get more of. You don’t have to make your own, there are packets available in supermarkets.

  1. Swap white bread for wholemeal

You might already know this one, but wholemeal, seeded or rye bread is much better for you than white bread. It’s just got higher fiber levels and turns it into energy – great for a pre-workout.

It also means that sugar is released into the bloodstream much slower than white bread.

  1. White pasta for whole wheat

For the same reason, you should opt for whole wheat pasta – if you’re anything like me, your diet will consist mainly of pasta.

Whole wheat pasta isn’t just high in fiber, but it contains vitamins B, E, and more antioxidants than white.

Remember, you can also make spaghetti out of vegetables like courgette – which will help increase your vegetable intake.

Lifestyle swaps

In another hand, there are also specific lifestyle changes that you can make, that will help you make significant moves.

  1. Swap the elevator for stairs

When given the option, choose to walk up a few flights of stairs, rather than taking the lift.

If you can, of course.

  1. Ride a bike instead of driving

If you can cycle to work or the shop, choose to do so rather than driving. This will help you reach your fitness goals and do your bit for the environment.

I hope these little food swaps will help you with your health kick journey. Making small changes like this will cause an avalanche effect – making you lose more weight, reach exercise goals, and feel more energetic throughout the day.

Do you have any easy swaps that you made, that have helped you with your fitness and weight loss journey? Share them with us in the comment box below.