To Control Your Weight and Health – Change The Way You Think About Food


In the world we live in, fast food seems to take the lead in daily life. When we dine out for a special occasion, we want a beautiful restaurant when the food is hand prepared, beautiful, and tasteful. We expect to wait for those meals, but even then we have our limits.

Priorities and Respect

Of course, the taste and timeliness of a choice meal are important to us when we are dining out. But, these things are by far not the most important aspects of the food we eat. We currently face a global problem of people who struggle with obesity. Experts are quick to point out the amount of food we eat and the lack of activity we participate in. But, consider this.

In days gone by, in order to eat, we had plant, weed, water, and protection of our food supply. We had to grow it ourselves. Then we picked it, prepared it, canned it, and stored it for the coming year to sustain us until we could plant more. The food was all-natural, full of nutrition and vitamins and we could eat a lot of it because the act of producing it burned a lot of calories! We did not prepare more than we could eat. It was hard work preparing food and we were not going to waste it.

Children were taught to eat what was on their plates. The food was healthy and full of vitamins.

Desserts were primarily made from homegrown fruits. Growing the food provided plenty of exercise, sunshine, and that leads to a good appetite and a good disposition.

Lifestyle today

Of course, most people have jobs outside the home and off the farm. We may have a small vegetable garden, but it is not our primary source of food. We buy our food at the market. It has been processed in ways that remove a lot of the nutrients we need to survive. We drive our automobiles from the office to the market, select prepackaged food, and drive home where we toss it in the microwave. We may eat a prepackaged salad with it so we feel better about it, but that does little to help our bodies.

But people today are more educated about the foods they eat. We have evolved to a people who take supplements that are made from those wholesome ingredients we have been lacking, and we are making better choices and reclaiming our health. We choose to consume smart food, and that is not the only lifestyle we are changing.

As we are restoring our bodies with the right supplements and foods we find we have more energy, focus, stamina, and elevated moods. This makes us want to walk or bike instead of drive. This makes us more able to keep up with the children and give them the best of us.

What other changes are we experiencing?

We are discovering that food is not the enemy. Food is the fuel that allows us to function at this new level of energy.  Because we are doing more, we can enjoy special treats from time to time. We can give our children and their friends parties and picnics without worry. Why? Because they too are outdoors, riding their bikes, playing ball, and swimming. They are feeling the same energy you are due to the smart foods you are feeding them. They are following your example. You do not have to load them down with cakes and soda, but there are candy selections that are fine for your children to eat. Instead of a cake and ice cream party, try a candy buffet. Check out this bulk candy store. They have the standard candy, but they also have sugar free, fat free, and allergy-friendly selections. The candy is so good, the kids will not know the difference and you have not undone any of your hard work.

Simply change the way you think about food. Remove it from the center of your universe. Create a world for yourself and your family where fun is important and look at food as the ticket that allows you access. You do not have to make it a major conversation point. You do not have to have a family meeting. Just assume the position and lead your family down the road to good health. You just might find that not dieting is the smartest dieting of all.