The workout for those that sit down all day


It’s modern life – we spend most of our day sitting at a desk, working on a computer. However, you’ll probably already be aware that this is entirely unnatural and creates havoc on your body and posture.

Not to mention, most of us also eat at our desks – doing work while eating our lunch. Regardless of how healthy our lunch is, this lack of exercise isn’t great for anybody.

I know, I spend so long sat at a desk – I’ve always wondered what issues this might be causing, and how I can reverse it.

Why sitting all day is bad

It’s no surprise that sitting down all day is terrible for you. In fact, science has shown that excessive sitting down has been linked to type 2 diabetes as well as heart disease. Obviously, it’s not going to cause diabetes just from sitting at a desk – but it certainly isn’t benefiting you.

Another way that sitting down all day can affect us is with our posture. Sitting for long periods can make our hip flexors tight, which can cause our butt muscles to lengthen. Not only does this create an undesirable look, but it also causes gluteal Amnesia.

Gluteal Amnesia is also known as dead butt syndrome. It causes the glute muscles not to do their job, causing the other muscles to overwork around them. Ultimately this leads to poor body alignment.

When your hip flexors get tight, it can also cause compression and pain in your lower back if you’re experiencing pain like this – it could be a result of your desk job.

It’s not all bad news; if you sit at a desk all day, there is hope. There are ways that you can undo the damage and help get your physical health back on track.

A standing up desk

Before we dive into the exercises, we also want to point out that a standing up desk could be the answer to all your problems. It’s a more natural posture and can even help you to concentrate.

Now, let’s look at the exercises.

The workout

Below, we’ve put together a step by step workout guide to help you with your posture and physical health. This is perfect for all those that sit at a desk all day.

  1. 30-second plank
  2. Dead bug for 20 reps
  3. Goblet squats – 15 reps
  4. Single leg bridges – 12 reps for each leg
  5. Bent over row – 15 reps for each arm

This workout is perfect for after your office job. It’s easy to do and doesn’t need fancy equipment. Make sure you practice safely and pay close attention to your posture. No doubt, you’ll begin to feel happier and healthier.

We hope this highlighted some of the problems of sitting down all day, and ways that you can tackle the issues.

I also like to take quick walks around the office and outside and remember to stretch regularly.

Do you have any solutions to sitting at a desk all day? Share with us.