Weight Loss and Depression


If you have ever suffered from depression, you understand that it is much more than the blues”. It is all-consuming, powerful, and paralyzing. People who suffer chronic depression can attest that the actions brought on by depression are the exact opposite of the actions needed for maintaining or losing weight.

In this post, we will compare a few for better understanding. By understanding what your brain is doing, you can use your body to take over and break the self-hurting cycle.


You just discovered the promotion you have been working for went to the size nothing girl in your department. You reach for chocolate. Sugar has no value to you, but it does trigger your reward center in the brain. Even though depression takes away our desire to eat, sugar is addictive. Actually it is more addictive than cocaine. As you munch away on the empty calories of chocolate, consider where they will go.

Just want to stay inside

When people are depressed, they do not want to move and they absolutely do not want to go outside. Sunshine is exactly what you need. Sunshine kicks off the serotonin in your brain and serotonin fights anxiety. This gives you the energy to get moving. That is what will burn the calories.

Weight Management and depression go together

These are just a few examples. But, by know you understand, you have to fight depression in order to control your weight. In the human body, every action brings a reaction. You do not have to settle for half of anything. The closer you get to your goal weight the better. Sometimes, controlling your weight is all it takes to control your depression.


When you are depressed it is important to take control. The primary way to stop depression is to work it off. This takes great effort. It can be walking, biking, swimming, or jumping rope, but do something. Start now. Talk to someone and help them to hold you accountable.


When all-natural means fail, see a doctor and let him put you on medication.  Do not take anything that is not written for you and always followup with your doctor.