Cooking Mistakes that Hinder Your Weight Loss


If you are trying to lose weight, you should know that the best option is to start preparing your own meals. Restaurant meals are often loaded with hidden calories, which is why you should make an effort and cook for yourself. However, you should be careful, because there are many mistakes you can unconsciously make. If you are not sure which way is the right way, stay with us. Here are five of the most common cooking mistakes that can hinder your weight loss.
Tasting the food in the process of preparing it is a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, you really have to taste it in order to decide whether you need to add something or not. On the other hand, munching while cooking can add up to 400 calories. So, instead of having some of the cheese cubes, you could try chewing a gum or drinking sparkled water. However, if you are too hungry to wait for a meal to be prepared, slice up an apple or a cucumber – these are low in calories, but they will do a service to your stomach.

Using Too Much Oil


Everyone knows that olive oil is probably the best solution to choose, but you should know that only one tablespoon of it contains around 120 calories. Be careful, because you can easily use three times more than that, without even noticing. Vegetables absorb oil quickly, which may deceive you into pouring some more. Here is an extra tip: use a spray bottle which will help you do it right. This will definitely prevent you from gaining weight, and your veggies from soaking up excessive oil.


Using the Wrong Kitchenware
Baking is certainly one of the best ways to prepare your healthy meals, but only if it is done correctly. A steak will sit in its own grease unless you put it on a rack while baking it in the oven. It is crucial to invest in high quality kitchenware. One good roasting pan is more valuable than a whole set of useless pots and dishes. So, next time you decide to bake your favorite steak, just make sure that you have chosen an appropriate – or at least put it on a rack so that it does not keep all the grease that is harmful for your waistline.
This is the key to success when it comes to losing weight. However, it can be very hard to estimate serving sizes, which is why you can add up hundreds of hidden calories to your meal. Spoons and measuring cups should be your best friends in the kitchen, in order to reduce your daily intake of calories. Besides that, you should learn what healthy portions look like and have that in mind whenever you are preparing your meals.Of course, salad is definitely among the healthiest meals you can have, and you know that. However, various dressings and toppings such as cheese, bacon, nuts, dried fruits or croutons are loaded with calories, and these will thwart your attempts at losing weight in the blink of an eye. This is why you should pay attention next time when you choose a salad – you are allowed to have around two tablespoons of your favorite toppings.

Now that you have read all these tips, we are sure that everything seems much clearer and easier for you. Make sure that you have all this in mind next time you are about to prepare a meal for yourself, and the success is guaranteed. Good luck!

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