Why you should laugh with MYVIRALBOX Human are social animals, we interact with others, exchange information and stay up-to-date. One of the sources for all...

Don’t strive for skinny

Skinny VS Healthy As the summer approaches, there’s a clear focus in the fitness industry, and society - it’s time to get skinny.With “fit teas”...



The different types of diets explained

Diets With so many different diets around, how do you know which one is the best for you? You see, different diets will have...
diet pills

Are diet pills safe?

Diet pills They’ve been advertised as a quick fix to losing weight, with many jumping to use them for a fast way to achieve their...


weight loss journey

How to save money on your weight loss journey

Weight loss journey As soon as we start dieting, we seem to break our budgets in our weight loss journey on clean eating, gym memberships,...
Weight loss trends

The Instagram weight loss trends that don’t really work

Weight loss trends Are you following Instagram weight loss trends? We’ll be the first to admit that Instagram is home to some of our favorite...


breakfast salads

Have you tried breakfast salads?

Breakfast salads Have you seen the new trend of a breakfast salad? It’s a little bit different from the usual toast that we have every...

Few Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism That Actually Works

Metabolism Metabolism is an important chemical produced inside your body that basically keeps your body alive and functioning. In the fitness industry, the word metabolism...


Healthy While Traveling

How to Stay Active and Healthy While Traveling

Healthy While Traveling Traveling – whether for work or play – can often lead to unhealthy choices, especially when you are pressed for time. Making...
Skipping Meals

Skipping Meals: What Effect Does Skipping Meals Have on your Body?

Skipping Meals When it comes to your mind and body, skipping meals often is like skipping sleep, it is very harmful and actually toxic to...


workout gear

The workout gear that you need for on the go

Workout gear If you're working out on the go, you really don't need any type of equipment. If we're completely honest, you can just use...
Fitness Memberships

Fitness Memberships You Need

Fitness Memberships Sometimes, we can only look in envy at all those going to the gym or waking up early to go for their morning...