Is It Better To Exercise Before Breakfast And What Should You Eat For Breakfast?


If you exercise before breakfast to burn more fat, others may argue that the body is not burning more fat before breakfast, but rather more muscle when energy stores are low. People also claim that you put on less muscle mass when training weight training early in the day. What is right?

The thing is that there are few studies done on the subject, probably because it is difficult to measure the effect. Most studies have concluded that there simply are not that important time of day you exercise, and when you eat, and so on. What matters is how much you burned, how many calories you take in a 24 hour period (or longer, the body is no time zone). The same applies to weight training to put on muscle.

Should I work out before breakfast?

Benefits of starting the day with, for example, running or a power walk in the morning, before breakfast, may be to become more alert and more “astute” during the day. It also easier to make exercise a habit if you get up a little earlier and start the day with a workout. The disadvantages are mainly that you would have a lower body temperature in the morning, which means lower energy levels, and that the muscles and joints are stiffer after a night’s sleep.


However, it is up to you. To hang up on these little details is not really worthwhile. If you feel refreshed and full of energy just when you work out before you eat breakfast, you can use the gym, run or walk. However, if you feel dull and have no energy left for a power walk, or you may notice that you are not able to lift as much weight, you should of course avoid exercising before breakfast. Good and wholesome breakfast before or after workout is also necessary.

Porridge is healthy for breakfast

An interesting study suggests that the ingestion of a high-fiber breakfast with a low glycemic index and a subsequent training session in quite a low pace for an hour (for example, a walk) leads to a greater fat loss than a breakfast with simple carbs and a little fiber (corn flakes, for example). Otherwise, the composition of the breakfast must be the same as the distribution of fat, carbohydrates and protein.
Therefore, feel free to eat wholemeal bread, oatmeal, rye bread and whole grain products preferably with different kinds of seeds, as linseed, for breakfast. Egg is also a very useful containing a lot of substances that your body needs for maximum burning and muscle growth.