Tomato Diet Recipes For Weight Loss


Tomatoes are not only delicious, but also useful to human health. They contain a wide variety of trace elements and vitamins. Nutritionists say that is especially useful to use tomatoes in the cold winter.

There are a huge number of dishes that use a variety of varieties of tomatoes. But few people know that there is even a separate tomato diet. Interestingly, such a diet helps to quickly and permanently lose extra pounds those hateful, but also boost immunity system and overall heal your body.

In a medium sized tomato contains only about 25 calories. As is known to reduce the body weight per day should eat less than 1300 calories. As a result, the person sitting on a diet, do not have to starve. Tomatoes perfectly saturated and eliminate hunger.

Tomato Diets


There are several options for tomato diets. One of the most popular is Short-Express diet, which is designed for just three days. According to estimates of nutritionists, with this diet you can lose up to one kilogram in one day. As a result, you can lose weight very quickly and easily.

For three days, such a diet will need six kilograms of large ripe tomatoes. One day – two kilos of tomatoes. This amount should be divided about five portions and eat them throughout the day.

Tomatoes can be eaten fresh or cooked or baked.

Interestingly, people did not feel hunger in the tomato diet. Tomatoes perfectly saturate the body and allow long endure even on a diet in a difficult day.

Another option of this diet is tomato juice. It is designed for 14 days. Menu of this diet is very simple and tasty. Not only you can drink tomato juice with salt, but also eat boiled fish, chicken, meat, cooked rice, fruit, low fat cheese and other dairy products. All these products in combination with tomato juice to help get rid of extra pounds, as well as cleanse the body of toxins.

Be sure each meal should include one large glass of tomato juice. Fresh tomato juice is ideal for this purpose. You can easily make it from the most of ripe red tomatoes. If this is not possible, you can purchase tomato juice from a store.

If you carefully follow this diet, then in 14 days isĀ  possible to throw up to 5-6 extra pounds.

And finally, the third tomato diet method is simple, it is designed for three days. It can help gets rid of extra pounds within three or four days. During these days, you need to use low-calorie dishes that harmless to your health, but at every meal should be eaten as 2-3 tomatoes.

Sample menu for such a diet

Breakfast: two boiled eggs, two tomatoes.

Lunch: a slice of low-fat cheese, two tomatoes.

Lunch: boiled chicken breast, tomato salad dressed with low-fat yogurt or extra virgin olive oil.

Dinner: low-fat cheese, two tomatoes.

Late dinner: salad of tomatoes, cilantro and dill, low-fat cottage cheese.

Since in this approximate menu, any of the ingredients it can be easily replaced. There are recommended boiled lean meat, chicken, fish and seafood. Besides tomato permissible and other vegetables prepared without the fat and oil by any method.

Do any of the options tomato diet has a lot of pluses. First, the tomatoes are able to clean vessels, thin the blood, cleanse the body of harmful substances and increase immunity. Secondly, these low-calorie vegetables relieve hunger. And finally, tomatoes are affordable and therefore, such a diet can afford everyone.