Vegan Diet that Help You Beat Stress


Keeping your weight low requires a thorough diet. You have to be picky with food. You have to cut back on your portion and you have to stay in your diet regimen to achieve your goal. So it is with gaining your weight. If you want to pack on muscles, you have to pack on proteins and that means chicken, milk and eggs. The common factor between these two diets is that you choose to eat between meat, veggies and carbo-rich foods. But, what if you’re going to stick with a vegan diet? Will you be able to stand it? And how will it help you make your stressful health better?

Although it’s not something of common knowledge, a vegan diet can be the answer to your skin problems, make your bone health better, strengthen your heart and help you live longer. How? Read on the following.

Lentils for the heart

You usually see them added in soups, stews or any other main course dishes. Aside from being savory, lentils are a true punch when it comes to its nutritional value. Coming from the legume family, lentils are packed with folate, magnesium, vitamin B, protein and fiber that is pertinent in fighting off heart disease. It was found in a study of 16,000 middle-aged men that those who consume legumes like lentils are 82% less likely to suffer from heart disease.

Leafy greens for bone health

You have always learned from childhood that milk is good for the bones right? Therefore you got to love cheese and other dairy products that promote calcium absorption better. However, not all people like those who are lactose intolerant can take dairy products. Not to worry anymore if you are one of them. Eating dark-green leafy vegetables including okra and broccoli provides the same and high amounts of absorbable calcium. Plus, they don’t get you any allergies since veggies are your body’s friend. Green and leafy vegetables are also high in magnesium, vitamin K and magnesium several minerals more that you need to strengthen your bones.

Oranges for your eyes

If you’re thinking about the literal oranges, fine. But you may add melons, orange mangos, sweet potatoes and carrots on your list. All these foods are high in beta carotene which makes their color orange-y. And beta carotene is one vital nutrient for the body to be able to produce vitamin A. This vitamin in turn allows you to enjoy healthy skin and not just that, it also promotes good vision if practiced early on.

Oatmeal for balanced cholesterol

Are you worried that you have high cholesterol or in the verge of going there? You’re just lucky to read this part. A cup of oatmeal a day will help you lower your cholesterol levels by up to 20%. Aside from that, oatmeal is a good source of healthy plant protein and you can even add up other healthy extras like bananas, raisins, dried fruits or almond nuts depending on how you like your oatmeal to taste in the morning.


Soy for your immune system


Have you ever heard of a wonder food? You answer maybe yes or it may be no. But let me tell you one thing: soy is one of the best wonder foods there is that you can find in the market. Research has proven that soy is responsible for a lot of health benefits. It’s packed with healthy plant protein but it’s also comprised of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, zinc, manganese, selenium, vitamin C, riboflavin, folate and vitamins E, B, D, and lecithin. These vitamins and minerals actually help you to keep a stable body and a stronger immune system, fight of the risk of heart disease and even bone problems. Soy also has isoflavones that reduces your risk of cancer. More so, taking soy milk helps women in the menopausal stage by decreasing hot flashes and alleviating anxiety.


All in all, you’ll find that a vegan diet is not too plain at all. In fact, they have more good that you can imagine to help you beat a stressful health. What you need to do now is pick one of these foods to try or have all of them included in your daily food choices. Just remember that when it comes to a good health, starting on the inside is far better than the outside. So you better choose the right foods and eat properly and let your outward self glow for being healthy.


Jermain is a nutritionist and health blogger who writes for weight loss programs and supplements like Garcinia Cambogia Extract and Others. He is a social media enthusiast also.