Weight Loss for Women Over 50

Weight Loss for Women Over 50

Gaining weight is very easy, but unfortunately we can’t say the same for weight loss. For women over 50 the fight against obesity is usually a high priority, but those who implement their plans are too little.

Factors determining the success in weight loss for women are many and they all have to be taken into account. Women in this age group should be aware that they must provide the body with enough vitamins and minerals, and especially with the important calcium.

The explanation for this feature is very simple and is called menopause. When the hormone levels begin to fluctuate sharply and cause different secondary effects, including accumulation of excess weight. This does not mean that any diet is doomed to failure. You should follow these tips for weight loss for women in order to keep your figure:

Enjoy the small successes

Do not expect that after the first day of a diet you will reduce your weight dramatically. If you can lower 300 to 500 grams per week, then this is a great success and it should motivate you. Also measure your waist once every two weeks (more often not recommended because it can lead to total lost of motivation if the results are not satisfying enough) and record the results of a particular place.

Fiber for weight loss


All specialists say that fiber is essential to a healthy diet. Fiber will help you to prevent overweight in the most important areas of the body – abdomen and thighs. Fiber is found in most fruits and vegetables, cleanse and support peristalsis.

Vegetables and fruits

You can make weight loss process when you are over 50 easier just by eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Divide your daily food into 6-8 small meals instead of doing three heavy meals.

More free private time

The desire to lose weight is not like eating a piece of cake, especially in women over 50. Metabolism in this stage of life is much slower than in your young years. Reduced levels of the hormones make the weight loss harder. Find a way to give yourself at least one free hour a day and do something nice – quiet walks, reading a good book, watching a movie, hobby. Psychologists, however, are adamant that the gossips and chatter with friends are not useful activities – they rather increase stress.

This is virtually all information about weight loss for women over 50 you are going need. Follow these simple tips and you will regain your best form. If you don’t watch out your body weight when you are getting older then you highly increase the chance of suffering more diseases, some of which can be fatal. So, make your dietary plan according to your age and metabolism and gain the benefits of staying in great shape.