6 Reasons Why Cycling Is a Great Cardio


A good cardio is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. This being said riding a bicycle is one of the greatest cardio trainings there is. Its benefits for you and your health are great and it is a fun activity to do. Cycling regularly, takes care of your health, makes you lose weight and altogether feel better. Still, this is only the tip of an iceberg of all the benefits that regular cycling brings.

A practical activity 6 Reasons Why Cycling Is a Great Cardio by bicyclestore.com.au

First reason why cycling is so popular lies in the fact that it is extremely practical. In an overcrowded cities, beaming with traffic, it is actually often quicker to go around on a bike than by car. This means that the most effective urban mean of transportation is at the same time best for your health. A true win-win scenario if there ever was one.

Fun activity to do

One of the greatest problems with cardio exercises is that they are often boring ones. Cycling on the other hand is often extremely fun. Not only do you enjoy the fresh air streaming through your hair but the scenery as well. The best thing about cycling however, is the fact that it is equally fun to people of all ages. A truly unique notion that is really hard, if not impossible, to top.

Easier on your body than running

While everyone agrees that running is by far the most popular cardio exercise there is, some dispute it, because of its negative effects on our body. This is why, cycling versus running is a never-ending debate that usually tends to lean in cycling’s favor. Although running is great as well. No question about it, it can often be hard on your legs, ankles, knees and feet. For these reasons alone, in the long term, cycling is probably more convenient.

Losing weight 6 Reasons Why Cycling Is a Great Cardio by bicyclestore.com.au

When it comes to the weight loss, you will soon find out that cycling is second to none. Even though there are many methods that claim to be as efficient, cycling has cold, hard facts to support it. Just take an example of Mark Morales who lost 145 pounds by cycling or Nina Mosby who lost 100 pounds in the same way. These examples are numerous and they all claim one thing: cycling is a great and efficient way to lose weight. In the era in which obesity becomes more and more of a problem, what more can you ask for.

Wallet-friendly exercise

This mean of transportation is extremely cost-efficient as well. All that cycling requires is a one-time investment in a bicycle itself and you will later be free to ride it for as much as you like. This also means that you can say goodbye to the gas purchases which is a no small deal with the current prices. Furthermore, an additional equipment like cycling clothing is quite inexpensive as well. As far as hobbies go, it is quite unlikely that you will find anything better.

Reducing the stress 6 Reasons Why Cycling Is a Great Cardio by bicyclestore.com.au

Since we already stated that bike riding is an extremely fun exercise, it comes as no surprise that it is also quite efficient in fighting stress. Whenever you feel like blowing off some steam, just get dressed, get on your bike and ride off into a world without worries. Many people find a comfort and a shelter from the daily troubles in some form of sport. What better way is there to achieve all of this than through cycling?

Riding a bike is a fun, inexpensive method of staying in shape, losing some weight and fighting stress. Additionally, it is accessible to anyone and becoming more and more widespread by the hour. It is for these reasons precisely, why some of the most progressive cities in the world like Amsterdam, Barcelona and San Francisco are today genuine havens for cyclists.




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